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Thursday, December 25, 2008



i'll be away on holiday in south africa for 3 weeks!

continue clicking the ads. hahahaha

miss ya *sobs*

christmas dinner

KarenP invited ex-CATs us to her christmas dinner last sunday. so, happily me and lean meet up with ranjini, our driver for the day in lam wah ee and off we go to butterworth.

ranjini our manual car driver.. fuiyohhhhh

it wasnt very jam on the way there. many cars but the queue was a moving queue. we had a relaxing journey. but once we crossed the penang bridge, the headache comes. HOW TO GO TO KarenP'S HOUSE?

miss hooichin did draw me an UGLY map (hahahaha), saying that i should make the 2nd turning. but ranjini remembers that the last time she went to karen's house, she took the 1st turning. so since hooichin's map is an ugly map, and ranjini is the driver, we agreed to take the first turning.

in the car

then we saw pasific. ok, pasific IS a landmark. ranjini goes, "yes correct correct! i remember seeing pasific the last time". so thinking that we are pros, we decided to try our luck to reach karen's house based on our past experience.

and that was the biggest mistake!! because we ended up reaching karen's house 2 hours later, when we should only use maximum 30 minutes. hahahahaha in between of course we did ask some people for directions. but me and lean got confused by the directions. after the traffic light should we turn left? or right? so we ended up going straight because left and right doesnt seem right. the roads are more quiet. hahahaha.. then after rounding for about an hour, we managed to get back to pasific... it's a BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT at that time okay for 3 noobs! lol

then we decided to give karen a call since pasific is a landmark. she gave us directions to her house. "keep left, then keep right, see shell petrol station, turn left." simple right? well, the thing is, too simple isnt a good thing. i think we kept left too early so we went into the wrong turn.. we didnt see any shell station after turning here and there.. so instead of heading towards her house, we were on a highway that leads us to alor setar/sg petani (that's in kedah). =.=''

during one of our sesat moments. we saw lean's name on a lorry!

that's when karenP gave up too and call us to somehow get our car in bukit mertajam and wait there at some landmark and she'll drive to us and guide us. hahahaha so we ended up waiting for her in petronas that has a kfc, somewhere behind sunway carnival mall. she took some time to figure out where we were

while waiting for karenP

when we saw karen's car. we were so glad. like she's an angel. suddenly we know we are no longer lost kids. we are saved!! hahahaha

we reached karen's house late. and we missed the caroling!! =( karen served us with some cookies and cakes, which me and lean happily eating because we were soooooo hungry after getting lost for 2 hours.

happily we eat like monsters that havent ate for a year. hahahaha then, it's photo taking time!

i forced them to wear the christmas hats that i brought from my house. like that only got christmas mood! they keep pushing away the reindeer hairband to others. no one wants to wear that. hehehe

with karenP

with lean

with ranjini

sorry for blur pictures. those are taken via handphones. havent received the ones in the camera from karenP!

then, it's DINNER TIME!!!

even the plates used are so in the christmas mood!

after dinner, we were bloated! we chit chatted for a while.. since the next time we meet will be in 2009 already! =(

before we leave, we make sure we used to toilet first. because we know we are gonna be stuck in the jam in penang bridge. how smart are we right? hahahahha

we did get stuck in the jam. for nearly 2 hours. quote lean: "we spend more time in the car than in karen's house" =.='' but we had lotsa fun. arguing in the car which way to turn. rounded butterworth like pros when in fact we were lost..

thanks karenP for the invite. thanks mr and mrs P for the food and everything!


*ding dong bells ringing*

Sunday, December 21, 2008

"eeee" day

shu-min is currently eating...

**Tāngyuán is a Chinese food made from glutinous rice flour. Glutinous rice flour is mixed with a small amount of water to form balls and is then cooked and served in boiling water. -wikipedia.com**

once a year only k!

went to meet up with chiat last night. he came to penang! after 100000x he asked me to go kl/redang. hahahahhaa he's the one and only chinese from kelantan during my NS days. so, generally, everybody knows who he is. famous in NS during the first day already. hahahaha we werent friends in NS. i just know his name and he just know mine. but after NS, we become great friends through msn. lol

ex-wirawati shu-min and ex-wira chiat.. lol

sorry for not being a good tour guide. i myself also dont know penang road much. and i myself also havent been to attractions in penang! hahahahahaha hope you enjoyed penang with ur friends!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

please help me to know who you are

if you happen to be reading this blog, please help me to know who you are by simply answering four simple questions at the poll that i've created this morning. it's on the right hand side of this page.

thanks! =D

Friday, December 19, 2008

because i couldnt log in msn

i couldnt log into msn. i gotta try for about at least 5 times before i could log in, then the very next second, i'll get disconnected. arghhhhhhhh my email is extremely slow. it took me 15 minutes to go into the inbox page!! *faints*

so, i guess it gives me a reason to stop being lazy and giving excuses to blog.

let me bore you with how my day goes. lol

woke up at 9.30am and bathe. when i was out from the bathroom, wrapped in towel, suddenly i saw miss leong tsu yin in my house. thank god i didnt drop the towel or anything. hahaha.. but the most important is, she came to my house with CHEESECAKES!! those cakes are actually from sandy. during our last outing here, she actually did mentioned that she likes to bake cheesecakes but doesnt like to eat them. so she says that the next time she bakes a cheesecake, she'll give me some. i didnt realised the cheesecake will come so soon. anyway, i muaks muaks muaks muaks muaks you, sandy. i love cheesecakes! and they were delicious!!

was halfway eating before i realised i forgot to take a picture

then i went to gurney plaza with my sister, yin. we had sushi king. she belanja of course. hahaha

we are going to watch FREE movie. erm, actually mine is free because of gsc-birthday-coupon, while yin actually "stole" my 2nd sis's birthday coupon from her. hahaha it was my evil idea though.. since wen will be back to SA d mar. dont waste a free ticket right? guide law number 9, 'a guide must be thrifty' ;) once a guide, forever a guide right?

one bad thing about free movie ticket is that you only get to choose those movies that has been in the cinema for a long time. so, new movies are out of our bounds and we were not given many choice. my sis wanted to watch twilight or quantum of solace, but i've already watch twilight and quantum of solace. so i sorta mentally force her to watch transporter 3 with me. hahahaha before the movie, she actually says if the movie is not good, she's gonna complain for one whole week. =S luckily the movie turn out to be quite a nice show. or i'll be dead for a week!

**Jason Statham returns as hardman Frank Martin, an ex-Special Force agent where his duty includes delivering packages without questioning. In this third instalment, Frank who has just relocated to Paris, awakes to find himself with a bomb strapped to his wrist – one which threatens to blow up should he try to remove it. -gsc.com.my**

i think the movie is nice. i can totally understand what is happening in the movie despite not watching transporter 1 and 2. and no idea what movie is about at all before watching it. the storyline is quite understandable. not too canggih for noobs like me. not too lau beh also. just nice. a rating of 3.5/5.0 from me! in fact, i feel like watching transporter 1 and 2. anyone has the dvd?

we then went shopping for awhile before we go home. on our way home, i suddenly remembered my talent when i saw my beautiful work.

see! see! it's the tissue cover project that i did for my pmr. nice right? i'm talented right? hahahaha okok, it's not perfect. the sewings are a little too tight. but overall, it's still nice right? for a 15 year old girl who never did any sewing in her life before that. right? RIGHT?

i went out again at 5.30pm to meet lean in sunrise mcd for our lunch before we left for dewan sri pinang for this:

it was a really nice play. it will be held in dewan sri pinang from 19th to 21st december, 7.30pm. admission is free. i think their play is great. and their props, WOW! go see it yourself..

me and lean before the play starts

did you notice something different?


dont you feel like a look like a kid in that picture?

yes. it's because i have a shorter fringe in front. and my face looks round. i look like a kid now. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh but i kinda like the fringe actually at times. it makes me feel younger. hahahhaahahaha

anyway, that's my day! reached home at about midnight.

i think my day is great! afterall, you dont often wake up and have cheesecakes specially baked by your friends for you right? thanks again sandy!

ps: it's 1.23am now and i still couldnt log into msn! *double faints*

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


everyone seems to be enjoying their holiday. and the thing is, NO ONE SEEM TO BE UPDATING THEIR BLOG. lol please update. i need something to keep me occupied for my holidays. help me before i rot to death!!!

just random, - i hope i can work tomorrow! *prays*

rainbow's kemek face when the wind blows

wen will be back from langkawi tomorrow. then she'll be back for kl (with rainbow, sad to say so) for a few days, then she'll be back to SA again.

i cant wait to go to SA! 9 more days to go! XD

PS: i'm having eye bags really soon. rainbow wakes me up at 6 something every morning for this.

meeting her friend during her morning walk

dogs have dates too huh? ;)

Monday, December 15, 2008

An.. An.. An..

went to queensbay mall for some shopping on sunday. and i saw a big crowd surrounding a place. with lots of security guards. first thought: CELEBRITY came. lol me and my sis managed to cause a glimpse of the celebrity's hair from far. that's when we realised that the celebrity is none other than..........

Sinyu and Giant!

then of course, AN AN AN tottemo daisuki


i still remember reading doraemon comics during primary school days (the malay version one of course as i dont know chinese). i actually read all the available short stories and long stories of doraemon. i'm so PRO in those comics back then that even when i randomly open a page, i know which alat is the page about. and i secretly wish that i own pintu suka hati and pintu cahaya masa. zzzzzz

doraemon . nobita . sizuka . sinyu . giant . me

and i actually learn alot from this comic. especially words like maki, meleter.. i even learn the word GIANT there. hahahahaa credits to doraemon creater, Fujiko Fujio.

Friday, December 12, 2008

bowling and sandy

i woke up early today. not really early actually. 10am. haha but still earlier than the last few days ler! lol was thinking what should i do today. toss and turn on my bed. came online an hour later, still thinking of what should i do when suddenly BOWLING comes to my mind. hey, it's a healthy activity right? i least i dont go shopping. bowling is a sport. sport is exercise!! =P

first person i called, tsuyin. she happily agreed to go as she's not having any plans today too. went asking a few more people and sadly, everyone says no. kena reject. apaler! lol except for meichi who's rotting at home after her stpm.

so in the end the three of us were happily in a car driving to midlands for bowling. and sandy joined us later on! goshhh it's been 4 years since i last saw her! she didnt play though. she insisted that she wasnt good in any sports that has to do with ball. lol we had a great time catching up, talking nonsense as usual.

anyway, for those who know her, she's doing great. she seems to be really happy of her life now. she's going to take up IT course soon and she will be in penang for a long time. according to her, "i'm in penang forever" =)

thanks for a wonderful day! tomorrow is a weekend. i love weekends.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

inside joke

Squeeze Sticky Sticky [ music-ing ] says:
damm sien
Squeeze Sticky Sticky [ music-ing ] says:

shu-min 陈淑敏 says:
shu-min 陈淑敏 says:
go ps lor

Squeeze Sticky Sticky [ music-ing ] says:
no shit
Squeeze Sticky Sticky [ music-ing ] says:

shu-min 陈淑敏 says:
shu-min 陈淑敏 says:
shu-min 陈淑敏 says:
shu-min 陈淑敏 says:
shu-min 陈淑敏 says:

Squeeze Sticky Sticky [ music-ing ] says:
wat the hell
Squeeze Sticky Sticky [ music-ing ] says:

to her, ps = pangsai (go to the toilet)
to me, ps = pet society

and i just realised, peishing, ur name is PS too. =P

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

holiday started

okay. my last post is a erm.... lie. i did not manage to enjoy "many food" as i was having FOOD POISONING yesterday. i know, i know.... food poisoning AGAIN! lol

woke up at about 3 something in the middle of the night, sensing the familiar stomach cramps. i keep telling myself "it's just an ordinary cramp. it's not food poisoning. not that bad luck to have it on my last day of exam..right??". managed to kept quiet on my bed until about 4.15am when i finally gave up and went over to my mum's room.

woke mum up and she got me some medicines. ate them and sat at the living room until 6 something. i couldnt sleep! the stomach cramps are horrible!! went back into the room and lay on my bed. managed to doze off for about 1 hour.

about 8am, went to the clinic as the pain wouldnt want to stop. thought i'd get an injection to get rid of the pain, so that i'll feel better for my f5 exam. lol but in the end also didnt have any injection. doc gave me some medicine.

one round, 6 tablets.

really so suay. last day of exam, FOOD POISONING. =.='' but i'm getting better now. i guess my body knows that it's holiday and i deserve to enjoy! =P

so, how am i going to spend my holiday?
  • hmmm.. my sorta kang thau called and ask if i'm free to work, i said yes so i guess she's gonna arrange.
  • besides that i'm gonna make sure i clean my room. it's a mess right now. papers everywhere. lol
  • clean my wardrobe too. take out clothes that i cant/dont wear anymore.
  • get rid of my sis's stuff in my room even though she has moved out for 2 years.
  • movie movie MOVIE!
  • and of course, i gotta start thinking what clothes to bring for my holiday =)

Monday, December 8, 2008


*taking a deep breathe*


lol this is a scheduled post. i'm sure i am now in penghwa, celebrating like a mad girl, or already on the way to gurney drive for some, erm, i mean MANY nice food!!

wooohooooooo! free from books for a month! =D

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

two days of exam

my first day of exam.

  • woke up feeling like i wanna puke
  • reach penghwa at 1.30pm because i thought the exam is 2pm, when the exam actually starts at 3pm!
  • sat for my f6 - taxation paper
  • 15 minutes reading time started. saw the word agriculture allowance
  • panicked, shocked because i never even heard of that word
  • look down at the question paper. 20 marks for that question *DEAD*
  • after exam, feeling so exhausted. reach home. lazy to start reading law.
  • stare at my law books like i'm an expert when in fact i dont know anything
my second day of exam
  • woke up feeling like i wanna puke (again)
  • studied law, which i began to freak out cause there's so many things that i dont know and today is the exam!
  • panicked
  • cried because too panic. lol
  • went to sat for law exam
  • dont know about the directors and corporate governance. =(
  • 20 marks gone again
  • after exam, got home
  • blogging now!

2 down, 1 more to go.
counting down to 8 december - 6.15pm when they announce "alright, time's up"

Sunday, November 30, 2008

for those involved...




- for those taking CAT paper
T6 - drafting financial statements
T7 - planning, control & performance management
T8 - implementing audit procedures
T9 - preparing taxation computations
T10 - managing finances

- for those taking ACCA paper
F4 - business and corporate law
F5 - performance management
F6 - taxation
F7 - financial reporting

- for those STPM-ers too. (i know it's a little late.. i did wish some of them that i met!)

may the "ong" be with you. and me. =)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

my name

the meaning of my name can only be explained if you translate it to mandarin.

tan - 陈
(pronounced as 'chen') has no meaning. haha it's just a surname.

shu - 淑
(pronounced as 'sue') means ladylike/feminine. you know the phrase 'xian liang su de' (yes yes, i can hear you laughing)

min - 敏
(pronounced as 'min') means sensitive. from the word 'min gan'

so, 陈 淑 敏 is supposed to mean that i'm a feminine and sensitive girl. AM I? AM I?

dont worry. i can hear myself laughing too. hahahaahha

and about my normal name, TAN SHU-MIN. the hyphen.. erm, there's a long explanation why is it there. i'll blog about it some other time if i remember. got to go now. dad is bugging me to use the comp. hehe just remember to put in the hyphen whenever you write my name!!!! =)

Monday, November 24, 2008

what is my mood right now?

panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic . panic .


Sunday, November 23, 2008

damai laut with family

went to damai laut last week with my family for some holiday! this time we stayed in the apartment instead of the hotel, since my mum decided to do some cooking throughout our stay.

erm.. forgot to took pictures of the room.. hahaha basically, it's a nice place for holiday with your family. honestly there's nothing much to do there, besides the beach... and activities organized by the hotel.. but it's a nice place to relax and have fun with family..

me and my ji hu (bro-in-law) cycling

finally i can proudly say that I KNOW HOW TO CYCLE!!

archery is fun

just make sure ur windows and doors remain close 24/7 or you would be spending some time with the company of flies and mosquitoes..

and a few monkeys too! lol

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

law class photo

we took a class photo today during law class...let me show u.....

TA DA!!!!!!!!

yes, it's my WHOLE CLASS PHOTO... we didnt miss out anyone..

me . junlynn . law lecturer miss khor . alanw

cant wait for next sem. MORE classmates =P

Monday, November 10, 2008

quantum of solace & high school musical 3: senior year

went for free movie with karenC again. wheeeeee!!! we reach prangin mall at 11am on sunday. and to our horror, there are so many people queuing up to buy movie tickets! so early also so many people d? both of us were shocked!

1st movie: quantum of solace

**Betrayed by Vesper, the woman he loved, 007 fights the urge to make his latest mission personal. Pursuing his determination to uncover the truth, Bond and M (JUDI DENCH) interrogate Mr White (JESPER CHRISTENSEN) who reveals the organisation which blackmailed Vesper is far more complex and dangerous than anyone had imagined. -gsc.com.my**

not much storyline as usual. the usual full of action movie of 007. it's watchable. but just not my type of movie. a rating of 3.0/5.0 from me.

2nd movie: High School Musical 3 - Senior Year

**Disney's "High School Musical" phenomenon leaps onto the big screen in "High School Musical 3: Senior Year," which finds high school seniors Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) facing the prospect of being separated from one another as they head off in different directions to college. Joined by the rest of the Wildcats, they stage an elaborate spring musical reflecting their experiences, hopes and fears about their future. With incredible new music and exciting dance numbers designed to take maximum advantage of the big screen, this motion picture extravaganza delivers plenty of high-energy entertainment from East High's talented ensemble. -gsc.com.my**

for a musical movie, i think it's not so.. erm... entertaining? lol just somehow like that like that ni lor. if u think HSM 1 is nice, then i think this movie should be nice to you too. for me HSM 1 is okay lar, so HSM 3 is also okay lar. but at least this movie not so much stress as compared to 007 though. haha a rating of 3.0/5.0.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

countup! (is there a word?)

scroll down to the end of this page and look at the new "gadget" added after the posts.

cute leh? i likey =P

if u would like to have one, just click on it and it will direct you to the website. no registration account needed. =)

anyway, just a kind reminder,

shu-min is in need of $. lol thanks again!

Friday, November 7, 2008

study days

okay i've been missing for nearly a week. well, sad to say that it's not due to 'shu-min is busy studying'. lol

i mean i did study a little la.. but not 24/7! haha nowadays my life is not happening enough to blog anything.. so let me share with you basically a normal studying day.

eh, 11am ni wat. still early. online for a while then study straight till 6pm!

aiks.. study awhile ni gotta stop for lunch d. after lunch start lar..

so full after lunch. rest a while before i start my NON STOP perjuangan till 6pm

study study study

rest time! YAY! go online awhile.. *plays facebook and got addicted to some of the games* when i realised.. dammit 4pm d! study study study!!

study again

gosh i'm so sleepy. rest for 15 minutes. get a good nap to get back my concentration

another 15 minutes please....

so fast? it felt like 1 minute. 10 more minutes...

GOSH! 6pm d.. aiks.. continue tomolo lar..

LOL supposed to be 6 hours of studying which ended up with erm... what? TWO? oh my!!

okay, i'm feeling extremely guilty now after typing this. =S

Monday, November 3, 2008

exam season

it's november! how sad.. EXAM IS COMING!

why on this world we gotta face something horrible like exam?

this december i will be taking 3 papers:
1. Corporate and business law (yes you are reading it correctly, we gotta study LAW even in acca)

2. Performance management (only 28% of the candidates who took this paper last exam session passed. stress stress stress)

3. Taxation (where there is NO past year questions as stupid tax rules changes every sem)

and the worse of all, my study engine is not working!

i am feeling super extremely guilty whenever i online, watch tv, even when i am sleeping! and mind you, whenever it's time for me to study, i tend to be sleepy all the time. i can sleep practically 24/7!

anyway, all the best for those taking exam!! study hard+smart.. and most importantly,

START PLANNING FOR OUR HOLIDAYS!! i need something to look forward too! =P

just a note: rainbow is back for a few days!!! for those who dont know who is rainbow, let me introduce you to her...

looks like a doll right?

please oh please miss tan shu-min. dont be so lazy! wake up and study!

Friday, October 31, 2008


i went for a walk with my sister and when i reach home, guess what i saw?

*scroll down for dramatic effect*







we dont usually buy baskin robbin even during 31st.. but somehow today i bought a box, and COINCIDENTALLY mum decided to buy too.

i do admit great minds think alike now ;P

ps: i cant wait until tomolo to blog about it. so, two post in a day! not counting the scheduled cat trip post. first time! lol

thirty first

today is thirty first.. hmmm anything that comes to your mind?

no? thirty first wor...

still no? 31st?

what's your flavour.. hmmm.. what's your flavour?

in my fridge

saja wanna tempt =P

today is my last class in ptpl. so sad! no more hihi-haha-WAKAKA with 5 crazy beh phai seh friends =(

farewell lunch @ domino's
foong . shu-min . lean . peishing . chuileng
hooichin ppk-ed us

chuileng . peishing . hooichin . shu-min

hooichin . shu-min . lean

hope to be in the same class in the future to rock the class again! lol

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