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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Stavanger, Norway

We moved on with our journey by taking a bus ride from Bergen to Stavanger. Our bus went on ferry rides in between, so we get to ride the ferry as well! 
Lovebirds rowing in the lake
On the ferry ride. Bus is parked on lower deck

Always loved the view of the countryside... not too sure if I can stay there for long though....hehe

We arrive in Stavanger late after lunch time, and by the time we checked-in into our rooms to drop our luggage, it was too late for us to go to the Pulpit Rock. So we decided to walk around the Stavanger town to clear our day.

By the time we walked to the town, we were freezing! We stand under the sun at each opportunity we could grab. No time to worry about being dark anymore. SURVIVAL IS MORE CRUCIAL! LOL
Big Anchor right by the harbour

We visited Gamle Stavanger, which is a largest surviving wooden house settlement in northern Europe. The place look so lovely and clean as all the wooden houses are in painted in white.

Lots of flowers are also in full bloom, looking really beautiful against the white buildings.

We even found a lovely street and did crazy zombie jumpshot photo!

Gamle Stavanger is situated just right beside the harbour, thus giving us lovely view of boats and ships. We spotted an EXTRA MEGA SUPER HUMONGOUS GIGANTIC cruise ship that I've ever seen in my entire life! 
Stringing five of us together, and we only covered HALF of the ship in this photo
We walked all the way around the harbour as the view was too lovely with the blue water and sky.. and super white fluffy clouds!

Also there is a Path of Peace featuring peace advocates nearby. Below is Aung San Su Kyi's footprint!

We continued to walk around the Stavanger Town for a little sightseeing.
Random tower on a mini hill
Postcard view!
One of the streets with a nice drain cover
Spotted a statue that posed exactly like what we did earlier for our Zombie Jumpshot! So we took another one with an additional member! 

Walked to the Stavanger Cathedral - the oldest cathedral in Norway but it was already closed! :(
Stavanger Cathedral - the Oldest cathedral in Norway
Another picture with flowers, but this time in white!
Mini cooper on the wall
We end our day with a Tomyam in a steamboat!! Yummy!!!

Next stop -  a memorable hike! Stay tuned...

Monday, August 8, 2016

Bergen, Norway

The third stop for my trip is the second largest city in Norway - Bergen. What I like most about this city is that although it is the second largest city, it still gives the feeling of a laid back small town.

At the interjunction
It was a sunny clear blue sky day when we explored Bergen, but it was still very cold. Although standing under the sun, we were still trying to hide every inch of us! I was already wearing four layers of clothing :- tight long-sleeves top, t-shirt, sweater and a jacket!

The view is all worth it though... how not to fall in love with this town with a view like this?

We visited the fish market - Fisketorget which sells fresh seafood, fresh or cooked.
Look at the size of the crab's claw!
The black meat is whale's meat
We already tried whale's meat when we were in Oslo. Texture like breast meat of a chicken, but tasted like liver. Not to my liking!

And of course, I had to have my favourite salmon sashimi!! HOW TO RESIST?

We also decided to visit the tallest mountain in Bergen - Mount Ulriken. We took the package which includes the return trip of bus ride, cable car fees and entrance fees.

Again, I surprised myself by taking the seat on the upper deck. I remember praying hard not to feel carsick and fortunately I did not!

We didnt wait long for our cable car ride. Just a short queue and we were all on our way up to Mount Ulriken.

The moment we were up, we were hiding our body and trying to squeeze ourselves into our thin jackets! Hands were hidden in pockets except for the photographer! Hahaha another round of reminder that we should've brought a thicker jacket when we visit Norway, even in the summer!

Still, nothing beat us from being brave to go out into the cold wind and enjoy the view of Bergen from up above!
Happy faces embracing the cold
There are many paths that leads to more viewing points at the top of the mountain, but we didnt explore far from the cable car station as it was really too cold.

Suddenly, we felt cold drops from the sky and we were thinking "OH NO!! We are gonna be so drenched with rain." And then suddenly a local girl says "Funny, snowing at this time?".

We looked closely at the cold drops and they are WHITE! SNOW IN SUMMERTIME? WHAT A JOY!!!
Me + Summer Snow + Bergen
It was truly a wonderful memory to remember for being able to enjoy snow during summer time!

After spending some time with the snow, we headed back to Bergen with our cable car and bus ride. So happy to see that Bergen is greeting us with its warm sun and super blue sky!

We walked around the UNESCO site, Bryggen -  the famous commercial wooden buildings right next to the fjord.
Look at how the buildings are actually uneven and crooked
Gnomes are famous is Norway
Inside / between the wooden buildings are narrow streets with shops selling souvenirs and Scandinavian merchandises. I was more interested in the wooden structure than the things they sell!
Carved wooden statue of stock fish
Many shops in Norway sells authentic leather / fur clothings. They are a little scary to look at especially when the room in the shop have dim light and the animals on display are not showing friendly faces.
Real leather / animal
But honestly, the touch of the fur of a real animal is so soft and smooth and PERFECT. Totally cannot be compared to a faux fur. I felt a little sad and pity that animals were being hunted just for our human fashion greed, but I also couldn't help falling in love with them...
Fox scarves
We just spend the rest of the day walking around the little town of Bergen, until the sun hide behind the clouds and it started drizzling.

Once the sun went hiding, the weather would be so cold! But that doesnt stop us from taking a few more pictures on our back to our hotel room.
Random colourful pretty buildings
Sailor's monument
Random art from the rainwater
Pretty garden with a cute little gazebo

Next....to be continued...an adventurous journey in Norway!

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