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Monday, March 30, 2015

Hong Kong for the 2nd time!

My friends and I went on a spontaneous Hong Kong trip during the New Year 2015. It was just a short 4 days 3 nights trip, where our plan is just to EAT all the nice food in HK! LOL

Day 1 - 01 January 2015 
Happy New Year! We flew via HK Express and arrived HK around 5am in the morning. Changed to jackets and boots before we took a bus to Mongkok.

First group selfie for year 2015

Riding our way to Mongkok

Checked into Dragon Hostel (room for 4 at HKD640/night). As expected, the room was super duper triple small!
707 - Dragon Hostel
I think this was our room, except that both were double-decker beds when we stayed.

Hungry as hell, so went to a nearby coffee shop for breakfast. First meal was a disappointment. Good news was we only ordered two and we shared. :)

After a half-full stomach, we proceed to buy our Octopus Card. Then we took the MTR and visited our first destination - The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).

Loved the skyline in HK. Perfect climate on that day too!
Lovin' HK

Took a photos with the compulsory tourist spot - The Forever Blooming Bauhinia Sculpture.
tourist checklist - tick!
We had so much fun taking jumpshots too!
All legs in the air? Checked!
Happy to be in HK!
Managed to find someone to take a jumpshot for all of us!
The place was so lovely that we decided that we could just walk our way to the next destination.
HK in indeed a city full of skyscrapers! Glass window everywhere!
Saw some protestors' camps for the Yellow Umbrella Movement
Walked to a park with awesome view
Saw another protest along the way...
After a very very long stroll, we decided to have late breakfast at the famous Michelin Star Dim Sum - Tim Ho Wan. Queued for 2.5 hours which makes our brunch to late lunch. It's all worth it though! The dim sum was really two thumbs up!
HK style, sharing table for a meal.
I miss this soooooooo much!
After a full lunch, we were beginning to feel tired as lack of sleep the night before. So we went back to the hostel for a nap... zzZZzzzZZzzz

In the evening, went decided to go for an evening stroll in the Avenue of Stars and for view of HK night skyline. It was packed like hell! So we decided to come back only after dinner.
One of the few photos without being photobombed... it was packed like sandwiches!

By the time we maneuver over the crowd to get out of Arena of Stars, it was already 9.30pm when we reach our dinner venue. So our dinner turned to supper! LOL Indirectly it was good news, because we were having spicy steamboat buffet, and now we are paying for the same food, but at supper rate instead of dinner! Cheaper! LOL
I dont think I've ever eaten so many meat on one meal!
After dinner, we went back to Avenue of Stars for midnight stroll. It was really windy that night! We were almost frozen! Brrrrr........
No more crowd, but very windy!

Day 2 - 02 January 2015 
As expected, we woke up late. By the time we went out, it was already almost lunchtime. LOL Had a few snacks along the way, and also a quick lunch in a local coffee shop.
One of the few snacks for breakfast
Typical coffee shop in HK - very packed
Then we took a bus to Stanley and visited the overrated Stanley Market.
Stanley Market - which reminds me of Batu Feringgi Night Market
We prefer to enjoy the view from the Stanley Bay instead.

chilling at the bay
 Had a blast playing with the sun as well ! And we managed to catch the sunset!
Sunset love


After sunset, we took the bus back and decided to grab some dinner before heading to a bar! We were super hungry at that time and we just decided to eat in a random restaurant. We tried the porridge, wanton soup & wanton mee.
Not nice!
 After a huge disappoinment, we decided to just head to our next itinerary, Ozone Bar - Highest Bar in the World located in Ritz Carlton Hotel!!
Ritz Carlton, HK
Cool entrance of the bar
We almost froze to death sitting outdoor in the 118th floor. But the night view from above was really spectacular! 
HK from up above!
Two of our drinks
fingers and face almost frozen taking this selfie lol
On the way back to hostel, we spontaneously decided to just visit Lan Kwai Fong since it was on the way. 

We even entered one of the club that gives free drinks for ladies. LOL Nothing special on the club.

When we decided to go back to the hostel, we missed the last MTR back to Mongkok by 2 minutes! Argh.... Being confident, we decided to save money on taxis and opt to take the bus instead. We ended up getting lost and wonder around the streets for 1.5 hours. We only managed to find the place to take the midnight bus at around 2am! 
our relieved faces when we found the bus
Just when we thought the night was over, another drama began. Upon reaching Mongkok, two of us went down but the other two didnt manage to get down on time. The bus driver started moving. The first two who went down did not realised what happened until like maybe 30 seconds later (brain jam as it was already almost 3am at that time). Luckily we did manage to get hold of each other via several phone calls and meet at the entrance of our hostel. LOL 

Day 3 - 03 January 2015  
We woke up late again and had random snacks like smelly tofu, curry fishballs, and some dim sum in 7eleven. We also tried one of HK's famous food - the roasted goose in a local coffee shop. 
roasted goose
smelly tofu

Then we decided to go easy today and went random shopping in Mongkok for a while. 

We ended up in Esprit outlet store for many many hours! So, our plan to visit The Peak was cancelled. LOL

Of course in between, how can we miss eating at the famous Hui Lau Shan!
mango desserts FTW!
After shopping, we had dinner at Sushi One. It was also a late dinner as after 10pm, the sushi will be at half price! LOL
sushi one
After dinner, we decided to call it a day. We bought ciders and beers and played Heads Up! in our small hostel room.   

Day 4 - 04 January 2015 
Last day in HK! It was also the earliest day we woke up throughout our trip. LOL We packed our bags and went hunting for 20 packets of 7eleven curry fishballs to pack home. Mission accomplished after we visited about 5 different 7eleven stores.

Then we checked out but left our luggage with the hostel personnel. We then took the MTR to Causeway Bay to grab our food souvenirs.  I bought my share of Portuguese egg tarts. I'm not a fan of Portuguese egg tarts at all, but that was yummy! The one and only Portuguese egg tart that I eat. LOL
Lord Stow's Bakery
Along the way, I bumped into Godiva store and couldnt resist spending HKD45 on this! This ice-cream really tastes like heaven!
best ice-cream eveeeeeeeer!

We also bought some famous biscuits from the legendary Koi Kei Bakery originated in Macau. I bought some almond cookies as my family loves them!

We carried all these eggtarts, biscuits and cookies till our arms ache back to the hostel. Then we had only 30 minutes to rearrange our luggage to put everything that we bought inside! Had to make sure the curry fishballs were tightly packed in plastic bags just in case it spills. Had to make sure the eggtarts are all facing upwards. Had to make sure all our biscuits and cookies and egg tarts are easy to handle for our journey back to Penang!
Then we grabbed our luggages and went on to take a bus directly to the Airport. We had dinner in the airport foodcourt. Then we had a horrible run chasing our way to our gate to catch the shuttle bus to our plane! We almost missed our flight!

Finally, we arrived Penang safely a little past midnight, and suffered like a zombie the next day at work. LOL

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