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Monday, March 31, 2008

what i REALLy did last weekend

well well well....

according to my previous post, i'm supposed to work like a cow during my weekend...

but in reality,


saturday - wake up, go timsum with family at bali hai (along gurney drive), then follow mum buy cheng beng stuff.. go home, CHANGE my bedsheet... (yeah.. getting started d)... after tat, my mum say, "KIA.. let's go queensbay mall.. since we are goin that area to fetch yin later"... so in the end, went to queensbay mall and shop until 7pm.. =.='

sunday - wake up super duper triple early, and went to cheng beng... by the time reach home, 12pm d.. online for a while, then SLEEP... woke up at 4... then i dunno wat i do until midnight...

so kesimpulannya, i ONLY succeeded doin task one...

my room gonna be a rubbish dump soon.. OH NOOOOOO~~~


Friday, March 28, 2008

have a nice weekend

so, today is friday night... and i'm kinda in the "thank god it's friday" mood... well, mainly because i'm not goin to work tomolo.. which gives me full 48 hours weekend... *big big smile*

i dun really have any plans for this weekend... so i guess i'll just clear up the mess that i should have done WEEEKS ago..

1) change my bedsheet
2) clean my sport shoe
3) clear up the mess on the table in my room
4) wash my car
5) get my high heels fixed
6) REALLY make a decision on which phone that i'm about to buy
7) clear up the mess on my computer table
8) study (just write here to make myself feel better)

note: my plans can be postponed if there's an outing =P

wat about your weekend?

i hope it's not as boring as mine =P

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

back from kl-genting trip


i'm back from my kl and genting trip... well, some of you might wonder what did for the past 5 days...

day 1, thursday - reach kl about 2pm.. eat the famous beefballs noodles at the roadside, shopping in BB plaza then to pavilion, bought 2 dozen of J.co donuts =S but seriously the donuts are MARVELOUS...

J.Co donuts that we bought.. there were so many chocolate ones cause me and my sis wanted those.. and we dun wanna share =P

day 2, friday - breakfast at the famous "chuk" in chee cheong kai... went to ask about HPs in lowyat, then shopping in times square, then pavilion again and have lunch there, then times square again

day 3, saturday - went to have a look at the showhouse.. then go to mid valley and shop

day 4, sunday - wake up early, travel to genting while eating mcd in the car.. reach there shop in first world plaza... played the flying coaster with jentze in between... night time, me and my aunt went to watch the "dreamz".. dad got the complimentary tickets since it's his bday this month.. the show is kinda nice.. dancing, singing, musics, acrobatics and even MAGIC!!!! i love magic shows! =)

view from our hotel room.. taken via wen's hp

day 5, monday - balik kampung

yeah.. practically i shop most of the time... but wasnt really in the mood.. i bought most of the things on the first day, then the rest i just walk around with my mum... oh ya, when we were in KL, they so happen to have the F1 sepang race.. many supermarkets have the f1 cars around.. too bad we are more interested in the shops.. =P

kesimpulannya, i bought a dress, two tops, one pants, one belt, one pair of heels.... =D

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


heaven cried today.. so did i..
i was looking towards the sky... and there's stories...
too many stories that i shouldnt be thinking...

i'll be away for a few days..
goin down to kl with my family...

so adios people

Saturday, March 15, 2008

fellow CATs

first of all, ALL THE BEST for those who are taking paper 3 and paper 4 on monday and tuesday!!! (note: purposely put red colour for ONG wan... hahaha)

since i have a pathetic small class, let me introduce my coursemates who corrupted me and make me not as innocent as last time anymore.. lol

physical appearance : tall, skinny, long hair

character : noisy, crazy, dun listen in class (but she will still score damn high during examinations.. dont u just envy people like her?? lol)

favourite colour : pink pink.... and only PINK!

specialty : like to call herself miss money or miss happy..

dream : marry a rich guy

possible future : according to mr oh, she will be a good accountant or ambassador

physical appearance : tall, long soft hair, small eyes -.-

nickname : bin bong (thx to me)

character : quiet if u dunno her... not quiet anymore if u know her (to the extend of even kill/cekik/kick/slap/whack you)

specialty : likes to give people UNLIMITED nicknames, doesn't like to eat rice/mee (eg. orders hokkien mee without mee.. only the "liau"), our class's newspaper girl!! =P

dream : sleep until late late everyday

possible future : according to mr oh, she need to do something to do with art, med n bla bla bla.. so i concluded that she should become a BOMOH!! hahahaha... or maybe assassin?

physical appearance : dyed long hair, BIG BIG eyes

character : look innocent, funny, caring

relationship with her : my first friend from disted and partner in class until now, share the "just nice" secret with me

specialty : sms queen (always sms in class wan), many people like to create problem for her, photographer during our outings

possible future : according to mr oh, supposed to be an astronomer and predict the weather..

physical appearance : long hair, BIG BIG eyes

character : INSANE, hardworking, caring

unforgettable memories : close the computer programs with her bare hands instead of pressing the "x" sign

specialty : the ability to annoy the hell out of you by "shooting" you in whatever you are saying

possible future : according to mr oh, she will be a good accountant or lecturer (imagine the students got "shooting" by her... pity)

nickname : princess fiona (shrek's wife)

physical appearance : thin, long hair, BIG BIG eyes

character : crazy, mischievous, unpredictable, sleepy head

unforgettable memories : disted's "kungfu master" models together =S

specialty : ability to sleep in any lectures at anytime, can think of any pranks anytime

possible future : sleeper or potential clown

physical appearance : short hair, specs, tall

character : sleepy head, blur

unforgettable memories : he fell asleep in class, then he woke up suddenly and ask sir question number 48, padahal we are only at question 18.. lol

specialty : dun ever leave your pens/highlighters unattended because he will mix the inks and make you confused

favourite quote : "depends on the weather"

possible future : sleeper or king of all blurs.. but according to mr oh, he'll be a good doctor

physical appearance : dyed short hair, tall

character : insane, crazy, just like BABI =P

specialty : attend classes without any stationaries and expect ME to lend him everything, ability to bully any person he targets

favourite quote : "when the future is bright, turn right"

possible future : drinker

physical appearance : near botak hair, tall

character : funny, hardworking, smart

specialty : can say proverbs out of nowhere

favourite quote : "BREAKKKKK", "the past is the past, we must talk about the future"

possible future : police?

physical appearance : tall, long hair

character : easily excited, blur, hardworking

unforgettable memories : drive her car into the longkang right at the college's front gate

specialty : can finish all 6 sides of rubic's cube

possible future : good housewife (cause now she's busy doing housework)

physical appearance : long hair

character : hardworking, attentive

specialty : always finish her studies in time (admit it friends, it is NOT EASY to finish your studies in time... and i seriously hope i'm as hardworking as her)

possible future : good accountant

physical appearance : long hair, specs

character : quiet but friendly.. always smiling

physical appearance : short hair, BIG eyes

character : quiet but chatty when chat online

**and he turn out to be my ex-schoolmate, kalpana's bro

physical appearance : long hair, big eyes

character : friendly and always joke

despite their unique characters and specialties, i still love hanging out with them and hope to have more outings with them!!
love them =)

ps : no hard feelings k? i'm juz seriously bored at home..

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

national service

exactly one year ago.. i graduated as a wirawati of
PLKN Kumpulan 1, Siri 4/2007...


the beautiful sceneries...

and obviously the people i know there...

ah ying, jialing, yihui, meiling, tracy, rebx, ah shuang, lynice

siu lee, meiling, yihui, yon, citiey, rebx

my kenegaraan class-12

my friends in dorm C1

my company

and the people in it...

my sastera and budaya class friends...

yihui, meiling, chienwoen

during our trip to museum padi

on our back to penang on 11.3.07

i miss my experience there tooo

i miss waking up early in the morning and LAYOUT my bed...

i miss walking up the 72 steps every morning for roll-call before attending classes

i miss munching this raw leaf as snack during boring lectures.. SERIOUSLY it's delicious!! and it tastes exactly like jambu fruit!

i miss eating using hands with a bunch of people that share the same age with me


remember when we will just sit down on our dorm floor and have a little gathering?
remember when we will just go to the tasik and feed the fishes with twisties?
remember when we will go to the mini market and buy ice-creams?
remember when we buy a birthday cake and celebrated meiling and rebx's bday in NS?
remember when we (the bananas) pass notes illegally during buddhism class?
remember singing the chinese buddhist songs?
remember when we will eat "chinese choo char" when we have our free time after our trip to the temple?
remember the wira-wirawati song lyric?
remember when we sang penang state song when we are on penang bridge?

the last picture taken in PISA

all chinese taking photo after a great CNY performance

right before the sastera dan budaya performance

our last marching

goshhhhh all those sweet memories...

i even miss some of the jurulatihs...
like abu! who keeps nagging us until midnight...
cikgu kumar who is full of jokes and loves mooncakes...
ketua jurulatih who is so FUNNY...
timbalan ketua komandan latihan who look so strict but always kind to help...
the komandan who keeps on saying "have a safe journey"...
cikgu gee where we would call him digimon..

i miss EVERYONE!!!!
although some we only managed to get close to each other towards the ending of camp...
and some only after camp...

anyway, just wanna say,
thanks for making my NS memory a beautiful one... *hugz*

take care and i do hope to keep in touch! =)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

my weekend

saturday has been a day for everyone.. voting day mar.. LOL but it's juz a normal day for me.. cause i'm still NOT legal to vote

i slept at 9pm on friday, so when i woke up at 7.15am on saturday, i feel so SEMANGAT to go to work.. not feeling sleepy at all!! feel like wanna clear the papers on my desk and get my job done! LOL

then later at night, me, tsuyin, alan and aman meet in pizza hut sunrise and we each order the sensasi set.. so we get to share all the FOUR flavours... and i eat till i can barely move!! SOOOOOOO FULL! zzzzzzzzzz... then we went to support the relay for life... too bad it was raining...but there are still many activities there... people selling food, balloons.. the relay always have people supporting the campaigne, signboards telling u about cancer, prevention and etc... and i met karyn there! she's in charge of face painting... I SHOULD HAVE PAINTED MY FACE!!! regret d now.. sob sob

sunday is juz a normal day... early morning, about 8am like that, i went to heaven.. LOL i'm actually talking about my sis's house.. hahaha.. because her fridge is my heaven.. CHOCOLATES, YAKULT, M&Ms, KITKAT and etc... isnt it heaven?? lol.. we watch smallville for a while.. then about 2pm we went to gurney... jalan-jalan abit... survey phones.. hehehe

nothing much at night.. supposed to celebrate my dad's belated bday... but in the end raining my parents lazy to come out.. so in the end makan di rumah only... LOL

oh ya! my sis called me.. she told me her hp also rosak.. HAHAHA.. really suay la me and my family this year.. everyone's hp sure got problem.. dad lost his phone b4 cny, both my sis's hp rosak... i lost my phone... SO COINCIDENCE? hmmm.. i wonder.... so anyway, i might buy my phone in kl since i'm going in 2 weeks time.. then MAYBE if i buy together with my sister, i MIGHT get DISCOUNT? lol

that's practically my weekend... tomolo working.. *sigh*

Friday, March 7, 2008

quick stress test

feeling stressed?

try this quick stress test and test ur personality...


There is a very, very tall coconut tree, and there are 4 animals:

King Kong, Ape, OrangUtan and a Monkey pass by.

They have a competition to see who is the fastest to get the banana.

Who do you guess will win?

Your answer will reflect your personality.
Try and answer within 30 seconds

Got your answer?
Scroll down to see the analysis.

If your answer is ....

OrangUtan = dull/stupid

Ape = foolish

Monkey = idiot

King Kong = stupid


Coconut tree, doesn't have bananas........!!

Obviously you're stressed and overworked. Take some time off and relax!!


Thursday, March 6, 2008

spm certs

today, me and yiting went back to cpt to collect our spm certs...

the first thing we saw even before we step into cpt territory was a girl in TOTAL purple.. yes... PURPLE!! me and ting went *o.O* someone later told me that librarians wear that...

sweat!!! really speechless....

after we collected our certs, we wanted to wonder around.. we saw miss yeoh's YELLOW car.. but then she wasnt in the office when we peep inside the staff room *sigh* then we also dunno what to do..

then after having one last look at dear old cpt.. me and ting decided to do something more important.. in fact it's the MOST IMPORTANT of all...

what's that???

it is.....


so we walk towards the kopitiam opposite cpt and enjoy eating and laughing there!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

fikir balik masa lampau


how's ur day people?? i hope it has been great....

well, i dun actually know wat to blog now.. *brain jam* lol since i have nothing to do.. and doesnt have a working brain now.. i'll copy bin bong's style.. talk about my school life.. heheehhe (she's gonna kill me!)... yeah yeah i'm a COPYCAT.. meowwwwww =P

*jeng jeng jeng*

and the story begins.......

there was a cute little girl... (go bang ur head against the wall if u dunno i'm talking about ME)..

me in pink dress

me in bunny hat


FINEEEEE! if u think u r cuter.. u r juz lying to urself.. admit it! I'M CUTER!! muahahahaha

well... obviously i grew up.. and went to kindy... tat's when i started to have friends!
i'm glad that most of my friends in kindy went to CPT later... (i mean the girls of course)

- this kindy is the first place where i have friends! we play, study, eat, sing, act, dance together!

note: click photo to view them larger

mayyee, **, ME

class photo

can u recognise some ppl in this pics?? saw me?? i'm the 2nd girl from the right! too bad a lot of them were absent when we took this pic.. well, my brain must be not finished developed yet because i couldnt really remember any BIG/SPECIAL incidents that happened during those years.. except that i found many many nice good friends, like mayyee, shallyn, szemay, christine siewping and etc.. and i can remember we play alot.. especially alot of "daddy mommy game" hahahaha

then i went to CPT.. well, it's not small.. just not big!! although we might be small, but it's a good thing! we get to know EVERYONE..

PRIMARY ONE - we have this enrollment day before starting class on the first day of school.. and guess who's my FIRST fren?? i dun think she herself remembers it too.. lol.. it's SIEN!! hahaha.. yeah... i can remember.. cause she sit right next to me at the front row! hahaha... but after that day, i dun really talk to her... until std 4 i think.. LOL well, then i met many friends along the way. ooooo, and i remember at one time, me and my frens (but then i cant remember who), were eating at the canteen during recess.. suddenly yoon came and introduces herself! that's how i know her! =P

1 merah class photo
2nd row standing: kalpana, parimala, mayyee, meichi, syamimie, megala, faaizah, chusien, muz, imeldaa, farhani, asvini, jhemeldaa, meifang, soffira, azrimah, shabella, nurfarah hanani, zai
1st row standing: kaysa, vanessa, beeleng, nadzirah, siewling, priya, christine, meiling, kanages, **, yoon, **, theresa
sitting: lipeng, ME, maryanne, karyn

PRIMARY TWO - this is when i get to know my another best friend. her name is karen.. LOL we used to HATE each other.. i was like the samseng in the bus.. HAHAHA.. not samseng la actually.. but the noisy one.. the girl who would walk UP and DOWN shouting and laughing... (yeah i know.. crazy... and dangerous too).. but that time too young ler.. dunno how to think yet ma.. hahaha.. then she's a newbie in C21 ah hoe's bus.. she dun like me.. guess because i'm too noisy and bossy.. hahaha.. so, being a childish kid, she dun wan friend me, i ma dun wan friend her lor.. hahahaha... then suddenly one day, i went to borrow money from her.. 20cents! i cant still remember.. hahaha. i dunno why borrow from her also.. LOL but i'm glad i did, because that's when our friendship blossoms! =P

PRIMARY THREE - this is the time where i can remember more stuff! *finally!* lol.. lipeng is my partner in class, last row, middle. LOL we always play games behind and dun listen to teacher teaching. and everything when the teacher walks by, we would tipu-tipu take our books and make ourselves look like we are concentrating hard..! hahahahaa.... and remember the times where CIKGU ANNUAR would punish the whole class if we are noisy with the VICO?? for those who are in CPT, i'm sure u have suffered VICO before.. hahaha.. it is actually raising out hands in the air, forming the letter "v".. well, it might sounded not like a punishment.. but try doin that for a few minutes???? ............... now u know! primary 3 is also a year where i make friends with a lot of people that now there are my very good friends!! =) and i have my FIRST EVER CHINESE CLASS ALSO.. hahahahaha... i go there and learn nothing =.='' not because the teacher is not good.. it's because i go there and play with my friends.. hahaha.. choki sit next to me in chinese class.. and she's my MUMMY!! haha... she will cook food for me.. using mechanical pencil's lead as "food" and pour water on it to make soup.. hahaha.. we will play dunno wat dentist game.. hahahaha.. and qianyi the mandarin expert sit right in front both of us.. she will be our answer provider during exams and spelling tests.. HAHAHAHAAHHA... and me, karen and maryanne will follow our bus early to school, following the bus driver ah hoe to make his rounds while we sing or memorize our chinese words for test later.. hahaha... and we have lotsa memorable memories in dalat skul.. hahahahahha

PRIMARY FOUR - a dramatic change for me in those days because i felt like i am no longer a kid.. u know why?? cause i dun attend afternoon schools anymore.. i am now in MORNING school... lol somehow at that time, this concept makes me feel like i am NO LONGER A KID! hahahahaha... well, this year, i become close again with my first found friend, CHUSIEN.. hahaha... i remembered cause we always "hang out" during our probation period during prefects.. all because our senior prefects are close frens.. so they matchmake.. ooops! friendmake? lol.. (whatever) both of us.. hahaha.. this year is the year i know CONNIE!! hahaha.. she joined our bus, and she keep on reading doraemon comic in the bus.. lol.. then me, being NOISY, went to talk to her.. my first conversation with her is "eh... how come u always read doraemon wan".. she LANSI lor.. dun wan reply..hahahaha.. but i keep talking to her.. we become really close friends later on... blowing recorder in the bus, sharing movie song's lyrics together.. hahahaha

PRIMARY FIVE - this is the year that made a lot of difference until my life today.. me, lipeng, chusien, qianyi, mingying, yoon, and choki become close friends.. although we had childish fights along the way.. HAHAHA.. this is also the year where yiting and shallyn joined our year.. but we werent that close yet.. hehehehe... well, i could say that this is a friendship year.. we argued about friendships.. fight over small stuff... dun wan friend you, PUTUS HUBUNGAN hahahaha oh ya... i remember goin cikgu intan's tuition with lipeng.. remember? hahaha.. shiok lor that tuition.. 3.5 hours for 2 subjects continuously... got half an hour break in between, where we can go buy food and eat with the teacher.. lol.. she's one of the best teacher i've ever had.. imagine.. from knowing nothing about science (note: dun even know how to answer the question pemboleh ubah dimalarkan/dimanipulasikan/bergerak balas) to someone that starts to think science is just a subject about understanding.. hehehehe me and lipeng always party together with cikgu intan.. order pizzas, kfc.. really SHIOKKK! hahahaha..

6 biru class photo
2nd row standing: yiting, caryn, mohana, jessica, kara, mingying, sarah, ivy, subhashini, ginyi, rachel, yoon, kamini, lipeng, nur farah hanani, nurul amal
1st row standing: diyanasari, ME, wahidah, imeldaa, sandy, shallyn, khamunn, pohlay, christine, qianyi, chusien, vanessa, karen, kamsiew, thivya, meichi
sitting: kaysa, izwanni, meikwei, choki, syarifah, maryanne, asilah, lina

PRIMARY SIX - my last year in primary school... we dun really feel sad cause i know all of us will go back to the same secondary... LOL but we took opportunity to take many photos in school.. and some photos that i did scan into my comp many years ago..

one of my favourite photo
choki, mingying, chusien, ME

senior: qianyi, yoon, ME, chusien, mingying, lipeng
junior: yewlynn, **, meiling, karenkhoo, lichen, veryn

random snapshot in class
not everyone was ready... zzz... i dunno what was i doin... lipeng like scolding ppl only... karen "parn cute"... chusien with the famous falling-down-pinafore
random: christine, caryn, mingying, shallyn, lipeng, ME, pohlay, karen, shandi, maryanne, chusien, kamsiew, ginyi, khamunn

LOL.. wat a long post.. hope i doesnt bore u with with so many words... =S i tried to put pics to make it look "interesting" d.. hahaha.. and i'm sorry if i miss out anyone in this entry.. i hope u could understand that my peanut-sized brain couldnt recall back some memories!

secondary and college life will be coming out soon.. it takes a long time to blog this long.. and must wait for the "fikir-balik-masa-lampau-blogging-mood".. lol

so, till then, stay tuned!!! *wink*

Monday, March 3, 2008

opening my mouth big big and YAWNNNNNN!!!

it's 11.27pm...

and i'm stuck in my mum's fren's hse in sg ara... have to wait until they finish talking before we can leave... and they doesnt seem like they are about to end soon =.=''


i'm sleepy *yawn*

tomolo some more have to wake up at 6.30am.. gonna have panda eyes and blurry mind tomolo at work... i'm doomed! =S

Saturday, March 1, 2008

my saturday

today is such a loooooong day...

i woke up at 5.45am (yes, u read correctly.. five forty five AM).. lol the main reason is my sister n peter aka my ji hu (which means bro-in-law in hokkien) need to reach the sg nibong bus station by 7.15am.. so me and my family gotta leave the hse at 6.15am and fetch them there... and therefore INNOCENT souls like me need to accommodate with the plan and wake up early in the morning even though my work only starts at 8.30am.. =S

i did nothing useful since i reach home after work.. i online and played games with hock hsiang.. we played word-racer, then literati and finally pool... had lotsa FUN!!! WEEEE HEEEEEEEEE~~~~ it's been a while since i played those games.. lol.. then after he offline, i RE-RENOVATED this blog.. add a little here and there.. edit a little here and there.. and it took me almost 2 hours =.='''' i'm a noob =S

and finally here i am, blogging... hehehehe


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