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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

after exam kl trip (part 2)

Day 3 - 20 June 2010

After being in so many places yesterday, we decided to have a relaxing schedule today.

First of all, it's Father's Day!

the two papa-s with shern

We left home only about near noon time, so we headed off to Bangsar for "banana leaf" rice located next to Bangsar Village Mall.

The restaurant (forget the name) must be very famous because it was packed and have to wait to get seats. When we left, there were still customers waiting. Taste wise, i dunno as I was still sufferring from my after-effect stomach ache. :S

After lunch, of course we headed off to Bangsar Village for the aircond and some shopping.. The mall is pretty small, and there's one new wing of the Bangsar Village which consist of really branded expensive clothes, so it wasnt really that fun for me.

There's a restaurant that sells really cute cakes and cupcakes that are really really cute. I love their decorations! Shern loves it too as he can hold on to the fences and cruise around. Hehe

After shopping, we went over to Seri Kembangan to have a look at an apartment then we headed back to KL Plaza and rested.

At around dinner time, we went over to Pavilion food court for our dinner.

After dinner, we walked around and spotted Snowflake Taiwanese Desserts with a long queue. Being kiasu, we queued and have a try. Quite nice also la.

Nothing much happened in Pavilion, besides Shern having fun at the children's department with those rides.

Day 4 - 21 June 2010

Dad dropped us at my favourite building in Malaysia, the KLCC.

We wanted to go up to the sky bridge, so we quickly went to the office to book ourselves entries, but little did we know that sky bridge is closed on Mondays! ARGHHHH~

After the disappointment, we went hunting for breakfast. We went to San Francisco Coffee.

Again, nothing much here. Just shopping shopping shopping...... Let me put pictures of Shern for fun. lol

Shern kept pointing at all the rides available. This is one of the ride he's in. He loves the wheels ;)

Next is the photo of Shern in Baby's Changing room. This is him after he pangsai. Haha... And spot his hand. He's holding a spoon. He refuses to let go of the spoon after breakfast and he will scream if anyone tries to force the spoon away from him. Have to think of some tricks to make him forget to get the spoon from him =.=''

Around evening, we headed back off to KL Plaza. Mum and Dad went to the hawkers nearby to ta pau some food for dinner. Then at about 9pm, we came out of the hotel to look for free Wifi service. Spotted some exhibitions from the National Geographic store and took some pictures again.

Ended up in McD for the free Wifi. I'm lovin' it!

***to be continued.....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

after exam kl trip (part 1)

Day 1 - 18 June 2010

Left home at about 8am. Went to Bali Hai for tim sum breakfast! Officially started our journey to KL at about 9am.

In the car

Wanted to stop in Sungai Buloh Jejantas to have the Kajang Satay. But when we reached at 1pm, it was closed! =.='' Had KFC instead.

Reached KL Plaza with the help of Miss Garmin. We had an apartment style room. Living room + kitchen + 2 bedrooms + 1 washroom. Rested and slacked in the apartment until dinner time.

I really like the location of KL Plaza. Just right opposite Pavillion and extremely near to a lot of shopping malls! =P

After resting, we walked to Lot 10 Hutong for dinner. Saw some dressed up people for the opening of a new National Geographic Shop soon in Lot 10.


Our dinner.. forget to take picture of 1 or 2 dishes. zzz

Then we walked to Pavillion for some shopping. As usual, awed by the beautiful fountain and took photos again!

Day 2 - 19 June 2010

Jen met up with us around 10am in KL Plaza and all of us went for tim sum breakfast along the way before heading to our first "tourist" destination, Thean Hou Temple. Forget to take pictures of tim sum, so straight jump pictures of the temple. Hehe

There's a tortoise and herbs garden in the temple.

can u spot the many many tortoises behind?

After the temple, we headed off to New Heong Kee Restaurant for our begger chicken lunch!

soup, beggar chicken, pork paws(?), fishballs

pulut rice

The food here quite special. The beggar chicken, pulut rice and pork paws(?) served fresh from the traditional charcoal oven style. You can even see them taking out from the oven using the hoe. Then if you read the caption, i said fishball instead of fish. Yes, it is actually fishballs (but not in a round shape). I wonder how did the managed to make the fishballs in a complete fish shape when they serve... with fins attached nicely!! :S

Anyway, lunch was great! Good recommendation Jen!!

We then headed off to aircond, which means malls. Haha We went to The Curve. We walked around the weekend flee market too. After being sticky due to the flee market, we decided to head off to Ikea. Ikea is just sooooo nice to walk. The moment I stepped into Ikea, I wish I have a new house to decorate. Everything is so tempting. LOL Ate the cheap and good hotdog, karipap and ice-cream.

Then we headed off to another side of KL for iCity. We reached there at about 6.30pm, just about time for the sun to set.

love the sky

Okay, some might be wondering, where the hell is iCity? And I took a picture with a T-Rex dinosaur? iCity is actually a place where the create artificial trees using light bulbs. It was really nice when the sky is dark.

Beautiful. Lovely. If only the weather is not that humid in Malaysia....

After this, we headed off to Ampang Lookout Point for dinner. By the time we reach the peak of the hill, it was already near 10pm. Dinner at 10pm.

I was having stomach ache that time. Not sure if it's gastric pain, food poisoning or period pain. LOL Conclusion was that my family members all enjoyed their dinner while I had 2 spoonful of mushroom soup as my dinner. :(

We reached KL Plaza after midnight.

***to be continued.....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

my emah

My beloved Emah (grandma in hockchew dialect) has passed on on 23rd June 2010 peacefully.

last picture taken with emah during cny'10

Thank you for all the sweet memories and love since I was a baby.

All of us will miss you when you are not around.
And we will always always remember and love you with all our hearts.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My sweet escape during my study days were these.

1. Glee Season 1

2. Grey's Anatomy Season 6

Once a week each, to keep myself sane.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

3 birthdays in a week

Celebrated Yiu-Shern's 1st Birthday Party @ Sis's House - 5 June 2010 (real day should be 6 June).

mr boss

On the very same night, went to Yoon's 21st Birthday Party @ CSC. Had a blasttttt! I miss high school!!

Birthday girl. Lovely girl and friend since primary 1.
15 years!!

girls at the party

The following Saturday, went to Harvest In Cafe and celebrated YingYuan's 21st Birthday. Again, had a blast although there's only five of us.

Birthday girl - Ying Yuan

the five of us

In between I missed ShuYee's 21st Birthday and Shuang, my NS fren's wedding.. :( Felt terrible that I couldnt make it. I must've missed out alot of fun... :(

Friday, June 18, 2010

i survived!

Yes. Another killer sem of ACCA. The usual routine occurs. Slack, Lazy, Study, Nerd, Exam and finally Sick! LOL But all that matters now is I SURVIVED! =)

The exams we tough, but I'm giving 100% hopes and prayers that I will pass. So as of now, I will just enjoy my limited days of holidays to the maximum and worry later. Hakuna Matata~

And my internet is back! WOOHOO~

Life is perfect right now. Mr Time, can you freeze?

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