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Sunday, November 29, 2009

my handphone evolution

I got my first handphone when I was in Form 2 (2003). It was a hand-me-down by my first sister. And it was none other than Nokia 3310!

I noticed most of my friends my age had Nokia 3310 as their first phone. Nokia 3310 is a real tahan lasak phone. No matter how many times you drop it, left right up down sideways backways, it wont spoil! As PeiShing says, you can use it when you need help eating crabs! LOL

I used it until middle of 2004 before the keypads start getting irritating. Some keys need to be pressed superly hard before it appears on the screen. I was struggling for a few months with it and suddenly I got offered to buy a second-hand Nokia 2100 that has been used only for a few months.

Woisheh, back then it was one of the kinda good phone. It has a rhythmic backlight alert! It actually follows the beat of my ringtone! And it uses white light, not yellow light! And at the back cover, you get to put pictures on it like a photo frame. WOISHEHHHHHH!

I had that phone until end of 2005, where I actually saved for the first time to buy a handphone. It was a Sony Ericsson Z520.

My first camera phone that can play mp3 songs too! My first time using a flip phone that supposed to be YENG! hahahaha

Too bad YENG phone doesnt last long. First it always gets hang and finally the screen went totally blank! It died at the end of 2006, right after the warranty period ended. DARN! I took it for a repair and it cost me more than 100bucks i remember! *sobs*

After repair it still doesnt work well, it keeps getting hang. That's when I exchange my phone with my mum because she uses it slowly so it doesnt get hang! LOL I was back to using Mum's black and white Nokia. :(

Then in March/April 2007, I got offered to buy a second-hand handphone again. It's a Nokia 3230.

It was kinda bulky a little, but since I needed a handphone and the price was quite cheap, so I took the offer.

Again, it died on me after about 6 months. Halfway using, the screen would fade away and become a total blank.

Then, I got myself a Nokia 6300 in October 2007, the red version. I love that phone. I was prepared to use that phone for at least 2-3 years ahead!

Too bad after 4 months, I lost it in Gurney. :*( I was sooo soooo sad!! Sigh......

Luckily a kind friend of me *ahem* Lean lend me a Nokia 6510 while I start saving money and get mum and dad and sisters to contribute to get a new handphone.

After that, I got myself a Sony Ericsson W910 in April 2008 after being influenced by my sister, Shu-Wen. My first slide phone!

At first I have trouble using the keypad but once I got used to it, I love this phone to the max! I love the SensMe and Shake Control! I love the smooth slide. I love the marble game! Most of all, I love the screen. It's BIG! And yet the phone is considered kinda slim. :)

Too bad now this phone of mine is in the hospital. The upper keypads are not functioning. And again, it's after the 1 year warranty period. Need to spend money to repair again. ARGHHHH!!!

So currently, I'm using the Nokia 6510 borrowed from Lean again. Back to black and white!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

lost in words

trying to force myself to turn into a nerd.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

when a noob takes acca

1. Feels stupid when doing practice kit in class because I have no idea what the questions are talking about.

2. Panic and start studying textbooks/notes.

3. Feels even stupid-er because even after studying, I still couldnt do the practice kit.

4. Wants to give up but I know I must not do that!

4. Exam is in a month's time.

5. STRESS :( T____T

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

aint he cute?

- pictures by win win -

This charming little boy is my nephew, Yiu-Shern. He's currently 5 months old, with two teeth! :)

He's absolutely naughty because he loves attention. And when I mean love, I mean LOVE! You have to be by his side 24/7 talking to him, playing with him. One minute no one is by his side, he shows his temper!

However, a cute little smile from him is worth a day's 'torture'. SAYANG HIM NYA!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

soft toys

Look at the number of soft toys me and my two elder sisters collected up until now!

Daddy used to call them our zoo! :)

Most of the toys are gifts from daddy, mummy, friends and relatives.

Big...Small...Fat...Thin...Snoopy...Garfield...Mickey...Minnie...Sylvester...Hello Panda...Stitch...Tweety...The Dog...Teddy Bears...Winnie The Pooh...some soft toys came from as far as New Zealand or USA...you get the idea!
But now that my sisters and I have grown up, most of the soft toys are stocked up in boxes and kept in the upper cupboard untouched. So we've decided to donate them away even though we felt so sad to bid them farewell. :(

We selected a few to be kept though. Couldnt resist! Hehe.. Donated the rest (61 Soft toys) though I love them so so so much.
FAREWELL!! *sob sob*

Thursday, November 5, 2009

delayed post

Just a summary....

22 October 2009

Had a meet up with ACCA gang in Coffee Island. Celebrated KarenP's 20th Bday too. Had the funniest charade game ever. LipHoo our hero! And the game where we criss-crossed each other's name and have to shout if we shared the same flower in cards. LeanLean was superly excited! Hahahaha...

everyone except jasvin and liphoo

26 October 2009

Went to pump petrol as usual. Had a weird incident. First the credit card couldnt get through halfway through the system. Then the worker came and helped me to settle it. Then I continued to pump petrol normally. Suddenly the petrol overflow! I panicked and called the worker but he was busy with another customer! DAMN! And I dont dare to take out the pump. Scared explode k!! LOL I know I'm exaggerating but really scared ma. What to do, girls suck in this kind of stuff. Hahaha Luckily the taxi man at the next counter helped me to pull out the pump. Arigato! The overflow petrol costed me another rm5 bucks to my bill!!! T_T

29 October 2009
Joined PeiShing and ChuiLeng for the movie Jennifer's Body. I thought it was a normal high school teenage movie but it turned out to be a 'devilish' movie. LOL had fun though the movie wasnt extremely nice. Overall, the show is okay.

30 October 2009
LiChing came back from AIMST for the weekend. We met up together with MekMek and Rebecca in Crepe's Cottage. Ate the yummy Mango Cup!! Rebecca brought along her friend Jason. Went to Coffee Island after that and MekMek's friend, Tomyam came along too. Played bluff. MekMek and Tomyam are god of cards! They won every round! NOT FAIR! We forgot to take pictures that night! :(

1 November 2009
Loy Loy Krathong, Loy Loy Krathong!
Wat Buppharam held the Loy Krathong festival. Went there with ChuiLeng and Peishing. ChuiLeng's Sister and friend, Summer joined us later on too.

4 November 2009
Dated YiTing and went for Michael Jackson's This Is It. One movie worth watching. Afterall, it's Michael Jackson's last concert that he did not manage to perform. Sad :( RIP

Oh, before that, I just arrived Gurney Plaza when my heels strap decided to break! Have to rushed and call YiTing to take me a pair of slipper before she leave the house. Too bad she has already left her house, but she's very kind! She went back home to take for me a pair of slipper. She's my saviour for the day! Thank you! Muaks

5 November 2009
Officially go back my internet connection at home. Hie cyberworld!
And nerd mood has to start, seriously! ACCA ACCA ACCA!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

blogging from college

No internet connection for 2 weeks can be a real disaster.
I miss blogging.
I miss facebook.
I miss chatting.
I miss googling random stuff.
I miss webcaming.

Wait for me! I'll be back SOON! I promise ;)

In the meantime, please motivate me to study k? hehe
Oh, and curse streamyx for me pleaseeeeeeeee.....

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