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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

4 days 3 nights in Boracay, Philippines

Day 1 - 22 July 2017
My ex-colleagues and I has always talked about going on a trip together and finally we managed to pull off a trip and make it work!

All of us gathered in Penang International Airport and we re-arranged our luggage as we only bought one check-in luggage. The rest are all handcarries. After check-in, we did the Penangite ritual in airport, which is to have breakfast in McD! Here are four adults having four sets of happy meals to kick-start our trip!

We took the first flight out of Penang which was 6.35am. The sun was not even up yet!

After our one hour ride, we arrived Kuala Lumpur and had to check-in again for our next flight (we bought separate tickets thus couldn't check-in our luggage all to way to Philippines). Our next flight to Kalibo Airport was at 10.40am, thus we had plenty of time to kill.

When we finally touched down in Kalibo Airport and passed through the immigration, it was way over 3pm. And our travelling doesn't end here. Next, we have to catch a bus ride to Caticlan Jetty port. We have arranged airport transfer to our hotel, so we looked for our agent outside the airport and found the agent quite quickly with our names on the board, and hopped on the bus.

The 2.5 hour bus ride was our first view of Aklan, Philippines.

After the constant honking and bumpy ride, we were finally asked to get down from the bus. We followed the other tourists and collected our tickets for our ferry ride. 

This is the view of the very very small jetty. 

And that's when we realised, Boracay Island is actually very near to the mainland. We thought it would be a long ride to the island with a bigger ferry, but it turns out that the ferry is a boat with just a short 10 minutes ride.
However, Boracay is really a super famous tourist spot as there were lots of boat docking at the Cagban Jetty and our boat took awhile to dock. It is really manual work as one of the driver will need to use a thick bamboo/wood to navigate the boat in between other boats and not being tangled up. 

And when we thought they were still trying to dock, suddenly the driver says we are ready to leave the boat. But our boat was not even next to the jetty. Are you saying that we have to bring our luggage and walk through the water? Luckily, NO! They actually have like a self-made wooden walkway, which connects our boat the next boat! And just when we thought it was over, there's another walkway, connected to another boat nearer to the jetty. We actually connected 5 boats in total before we finally touchdown the beach! Quite tricky as the boats will sway when there's wave, and balancing skills are needed especially when lifting our luggages!

It was a super busy jetty in Boracay. But it was also our first step into Boracay Island. The water was already very beautiful despite the cloudy weather.

We were glad we arranged our transfer all the way to the hotel, as it turns out, not all locals are very fluent in English. Also, needed the bargaining skills and we have yet to establish the "normal" price charged by the motorised tricycle drivers. Ours was a mini van ride, and we passed by roads, and even flooded narrow alleys. 

We finally reached our accommodation: Mecasa Hotel. There's even a welcome drink when we arrived.  

We had a quick rest and headed off to meet up with our agent - Rizan, in Dmall at 8pm. We paid her for the airport transfer ride, as well as for our deposit for Ariel's Point the next day. Other activities will only be paid during the day itself. Then we confirmed our meet up location and time for the next morning. 

After the meet up, off we go to search for dinner. We asked her what is famous food in Boracay and she recommended a few. We found Andok's (which was one of her recommendation), so we decided to give it a try. Overall, it's just a chicken dish which reminds me of our local Ayamas brand.

Then we headed towards the Station 2 beach. Overall, Boracay's night life is divided into Station 1, 2 and 3. Station 1 is where you can find more expensive restaurants and hotels along the beach, and Station 3 are for the budget travellers. Our hotel is located nearest to Station 2, about 10 minutes walk away.

We had a long time walking and looking at the shops/stalls and having a dilemma in choosing our next stop for food. Too distracted by the souvenirs and we couldn't resist but already started buying some souvenirs on our first day! We ended up having our dinner only at 10pm. Thank God the kitchen was still open! But despite being so hungry at that point, we still could not finish one portion each. We learned our lesson and decided that within the next few days, we will order maximum 3 dishes for us 4pax!

Day 2 - 23 July 2017
We woke up at 7am to get ready and had the free complimentary breakfast provided by the hotel. Then we headed back to Dmart to meet up with Rizan and paid up the activities for the day. She then introduced us to another agent, which will be bringing us to our first activity. We had the chance to ride on the motor-tricycle for the first time!

We reached our first activity, which is zipline!
"This activity provides a truly breathtaking view of the island. Fly like superman while being harnessed and rocketed down 70 meters of declining cable from top to bottom. Then relax and sit comfortably while we take you back to the starting zone with the newest flying car in Boracay."

We kept our belongings in a free open locker available there, and then headed to look at the zipline that we will be taking.

It was slightly drizzling, so we waited for awhile to stop for safety reason. We only have to wait 5 minutes or so before they called us in to be strapped. Quite a scary thought as I have NEVER ziplined superman style before. It was always seating position in my past.

After we were strapped and secured, we are ready to go! Btw, you can rent a GoPro camera from there for a fee, but we didnt do so. I just held on to my camera straps for my photo and video! 

The view was really beautiful and nice to be sort of fly across! The ride did not lasts long. 1 minute or so and the ride was over. We headed back with the cable-car ride back to our starting point. 

After the thrilling zipline ride, we were all pumped up and ready for the Ariel's Point 15 meter cliff jump. Too bad when we meet up with Rizan again, she informed us that due to bad weather at that beach, Ariel's Point will be closed. She suggested us to switch our day with Island Hopping activity and we agreed, while hoping for the best for the next day.

The starting point for the island hopping was full with tourists. Guess it's one of the most famous activity in Boracay.

Vendors were selling last minute items to tourist such as hat, waterproof bags, etc. 

We walked for quite awhile passing by a lot of tourists (sometimes sandwiched between them), also certain paths was already covered with water so we have to walk very carefully with our slippers inside the water (using our toes to clip on the slippers so that they do not get washed away by the water). Finally we reached our boat, and we were asked to remember our boat name: Charen-1, as there will be plenty of boats in certain beaches. 

We kicked start our journey into the sea. Although it was cloudy and a little windy, our boat ride was still manageable. I made sure I ate sea-sick pills though, just in case! 

We were given snorkeling gear, and then the boat stopped in the middle of the sea for some snorkeling time!

The water was very clear, as you can see direct all the way to the bottom, but there wasn't a lot of fishes nor beautiful corals. Just a little here and there. I think we were down there for 30 minutes or so, then we went back to the boat and headed to our next destination - Crystal Cove Island. 

We headed to the first Cove, and damn, it was packed! As there's only one narrow stairs to go up and down the cove, it was a short queue with a long wait. The moment we enter, the water was so clear and turquoise in colour! It would've been so nice if there weren't any crowd. The water was also moving quite strongly, so none of us went into the water as the waves will pushed you against the stone wall.

When we came out from the Cove, we realized that rain was beginning to pour heavily. We still headed off to the second Cove and found a few nice spots for photos. 

The path to the 2nd Cove was slightly more adventurous. After descending some stairs, we walked into ankle-deep water. 

Then, we were to enter chest-deep water, hanging on to the string for dear life as waves keep hitting us when we were down there. I was lifting one hand up, making sure my camera was always above the water. I told LanSin if I were to slip, save my camera first! LOL

Then we have to crawl our way into a short dark cave.

And finally reaching the cove.

Again, the water was perfectly turquoise! And this cove have less tourists, my guess was because it's more difficult to enter. 

Then we followed our boat Charen-1 to a little beach for lunch! The food wasnt luxurious, but was already beyond our expectation (we have low expectations LOL) We each had a beer too!

After lunch, there was another snorkeling session. Again, not much fishes or corals to see. 

Then there were some sight-seeing of the Crocodile Island. We agreed that this place has the most beautiful and cleanest water. 

The last place for this tour was the Puka Beach.

We ordered milkshakes and I volunteered to just chill at the bench while the rest went for a dip. I was happy and contented to be sitting on the bamboo bench. 

When time was up, we headed back to our boat back to the Boracay Island, and took the motor-tricycle back to our hotel to clean up.

We headed back out for dinner, which was a super small local pizza store in a nearby alley of our hotel. They have only 2 tables inside, and 3 tables outdoor. 

After dinner, we went back to stroll along Station 2 and Station 1. 

Day 3 - 24 July 2017
After breakfast in the hotel, we meet up with Rizan again and got ready for our first activity, the Flying Fish. So glad that when we head off to the activity, the sun is out. Finally feeling the HEAT!

We headed off to a big giant boat/platform where we will begin our activity. So, what is Flying Fish? It's a big gigantic float pulled by a speed boat that it will fly in the air during the process. Here's a photo from the internet.

It was really fun as it was really hard to hang on to the flying fish. And the boatman will purposely make a sharp turn so that the person sitting at the sides and behind will fall into the water! We had fun shouting and trying our best to stay inside the fish so that we can "fly".

Although it was already sunny, Rizan informed us that the Ariel's Point is still close due to strong wave. She suggested that we can hire a private boat and go to Magic Island for the cliff jump instead, which we agreed. While waiting for the boat, we absorbed the precious heat and sun!

During the boat ride, we can see that rain was gonna be here soon, and we prayed that we have some time to do our jump!

Luckily, when we arrived at Magic Island, it was just cloudy and not yet raining. And all of us managed to jump from the highest 10m platform! Bravo to us!

As you can see, I landed pretty badly for the jump! My buttock hurt for the next ten minutes! LOL
In my defense, the guy before me also ran and jumped, so I thought it was the way to do it. Only to find out later that I would just need to stand at the edge and walk my way into the water. So I did my again and again trying to get a perfect 10/10 score. Hahaha AND I DID IT ON MY FOURTH JUMP, only to realized that my friends did not take a video of it. =.='' So, I did my final FIFTH JUMP but it wasn't as perfect anymore.
It started raining after that, so we stopped jumping and went around and took some photos and then we decided to head back.

On our journey back, the wind was very strong and the boat ride back was super bumpy. So glad I ate my seasick pill beforehand!

We headed back to the hotel to clean up before we headed off to early dinner. We were supposed to go for our final activity - sunset sailing, but due to stormy weather, we decided not to go on, so we had the whole evening to chill along the beach.

Since we've walked along the beach for souvenir stalls, so this time we headed to the small alleys and lanes for souvenirs hunting.

Look at the slippers! Damn cute right?

Check out the super localized money changer along a small alley. 
Also spotted random group of guy eating baluts, which they offered but I chicken-ed out, knowing my fragile tummy will give me a good diarrhea!
We even went over to the infamous seafood market - D'Talipapa, but we felt that they were trying to take advantage of us, so we refuse to buy anything from them.
We also went for one hour massage at only 350pesos. We actually bargained our deal somewhere around Station 2 beach, and after agreeing on the prize, he lead us to the shop through a dark alley and into a dingy room located in the back alley. To be honest, at that moment, we were actually quite worried that we might get robbed! LOL

After massage, we decided to get some drinks and chill. We chose a place that has a live band ON the beach, right beside the waters. We sat there for 10 minutes and gave up because the strong winds kept making the sands slapping us! We ended up somewhere a little shaded and also has a live band!

We decided to call it a day, and that's when the island decided to call it a day too by giving us heavy downpour! We were soaking wet when we reached our hotel rooms.

It's also the day for packing! And for me, a new episode of Game of Thrones, which I ended up streaming until 2.30am! Zzzzzzz

Day 4 - 25 July 2017
After our breakfast, we did our last minute shopping last minute just right outside our hotel. We got our waterproof backpacks and waterproof hp cases! Then we waited for our pre-arranged airport transfer with Rizan earlier.
Again we took a mini van, then the ferry ride, then the bus ride, total around 3 hours before we reached Kalibo airport.
Immediately, we checked-in and pay our airport tax. We noticed that the airport was very small, so we came out from the airport for lunch at the restaurant nearby. We made sure we ordered food that doesn't give us back lose change because we can't change back the lose change at the money changer! Then, it's the waiting game with Air Asia.

Our flight from KL to Penang got delayed for more than one hour! We ended up reaching Penang around 12.30am. I was definitely in zombie mode the next day!

Overall, Boracay Island trip was nice! Was it a very touristy place? YES! But, I would consider going back on peak season to experience the clear blue skies!

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