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Thursday, January 28, 2010

everyone at home on 28.01.10

Wen, since our webcam was spoil, I decided to take a picture of everyone at home at this moment to show you how everyone looks like. This is for you and hope you like it. (and also an excuse of something for me to update la)

First to take picture is ME LA OF COURSE!

This ugly picture of me is taken to show you my braces. Wanted to just crop my braces for you to see only at first. HAHAHA

Next is Shern! He's awake when we were halfway skype-ing.

Next is Yin.

She requested me to crop this picture so that she wont look fat!

And this is Yin's ALABAI retarded toe now. Ugly right? Actually this is already a better version of her toe. It was much uglier a week ago. And the purple colour is iodine, not bengkakness! Dont be shocked.

On the other hand, Peter shows you his newly cut hair. And he complained when he had to wear his shirt for this photo. You be appreciate!

Daddy next! And as usual, he looks the same in every picture ever taken!

Ah Yee says hie too!

And the final one, the one who need to take 5 pictures before she is satisfied with the result.

Mummy who doesnt know how to smile for photos! You know la after a few pictures she geram liau, a bit mang zhang also. Luckily I switched on the aircond! Hahaha

We miss you!

Friday, January 22, 2010

since my last update

Laziness stuck, again! that's why blog has been quiet. :)

1. LiChing and me celebrated Rebecca's 21st birthday earlier as we couldnt make it to her party.

picture stolen from reb's facebook

2. Went to Hardwicke rm18++ buffet lunch promotion with KarenC, Ting, Ivy and Connie.

Ting, Ivy, Shu-Min, KarenC

We did not make any reservation, and it was already fully booked. We have to sit outside at the porch area. Luckily it was a windy day. Too windy and with all of us having long hair, it was rather troublesome! So book your way to Hardwicke people!! :) The buffet lunch was okay for the price. Cant complain!

3. Celebrated cousin JiaLi's 13th birthday!

The cake was extremely delicious.. DOUBLE CHOCOLATE!!

Random picture of Shern and me!

Shu-Min Yee and 7+months Baby Shern

4. Peter+ Yin's friend lend them Wii. So here I am helping them to utilized it! And got body ache the next day after playing WiiFit and Bloom Blox!

picture stolen online

But me still likey Wii! 21st bday present maybe? hahaha joking

5. Got sick. Vomitted twice + Fever + Cough! But recovering now.. Gonna fully charged myself before CNY! :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ears pierced

Not me! It's KarenC!!

I know she should be blogging it in her blog instead of me. Sorry la... nothing to update about me.... Zzzzzzz Miss you till next month! ;)

Friday, January 8, 2010

awesome friday

Lately, I've been feeling like I dont have anything to do besides ACCA. I need some activity to keep myself sane!

And since it's been awhile since I go to the beach, I just randomly asked Lean whether would she like to go to the grab some nasi pattaya in batu feringghi. She agreed and asked if only two of us would be too romantic? Haha so we asked PeiShing since she's online at that time. She agreed and finally we asked KarenP, Ranjini and Jasvin too!

So the plan was to meet up after their class at 12pm. However, early in the morning when I was still in dreamland, got a sms from PeiShing saying that their class would end at 10am. So finally Lean and me met up with PeiShing in Disted at 10am. We settled our fees and then set off to my house!

The 3 of us were playing with baby Shern. Then we went back to our childhood days and played pick-up sticks!! Hahahaha

Then at about 12.45pm, Jasvin called and said we'll meet up at nasi pattaya shop. So off we go for our nasi pattaya! Lean and me shared an ice kacang too.

It wasnt yummy as the very first time Aman brought us there. Disappointment! But the cili padi is still a killer~

six of us

After nasi pattaya, we went over to Sunset Bistro to relax.

Although the weather is hot, but the trees gave us shade. And I love the scenery! Beautiful~ And to have great company to have crazy unexpected exciting noob ideas made the trip even more worthwhile!

lean . peishing . shu-min . jasvin . ranjini
karen the photographer

And if 10 years later I still remember, I would post the video that we took and laughed about it together. Haha PeiShing, your job to remind me okay? ;)

At about 4.30pm we left Sunset Bistro and went swimming! Actually more to splashing water, playing frisbee, pulling down Jasvin's pants, etc than swimming. Haha

star in the pool

toot toot car

lean . peishing . jasvin . shu-min . karenp
ranjini our photographer

After fooling around until 6.30pm, we cleaned ourselves. By then, KarenP, Jasvin and Ranjini had to leave as they had other appointments.

So PeiShing, Lean and me went over to James Foo western food @ Fetter Park for dinner. All three of us ordered Chicken Gordon Bleu. And all three were beating our stomach saying "full.. full.. very full!".

I really had an awesome Friday with them! And the good news is it's the weekend tomorrow! What more can I ask for? ;)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Killed one mosquito last night using my hand and had a beautiful 'stain' of the mosquito.

Can even see the stripes! Nice leh?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

wld 5374

Dad officially sold of my "wings" of two and a half years on 27 December 2009.

Had a lot of sweet memories with this small little kancil. Brought me to many many places to lepak around Penang. Accident? Oh yes.. but minor only la.. I'm a good driver ;)

Hope you'll be in good hands!

Will be driving Kenari from now onwards.

Monday, January 4, 2010

new sem

New sem starts tomorrow. Actually today but today is orientation day for new students so old students can erm, 'avoid' them i guess hehe.

Thinking of classes resuming tomorrow makes me go....go.... I cant help but to be sleepy. Zzzz Not excited at all. Knowing that I'm going to have I think 3 classmates for both papers?? Yes I think I'm going to have 2-3 classmates only for P3 : Business Analysis and P5: Advanced Performance Management.

I'm actually quite used to having such small classes already as this would be the 3rd time. But thinking of it also abit sien laaaa... No one to talk to when my eyes goes sleepy, it's really 100% concentration on the lecturer. I'm sure all parents would say "money well spent on tuition fees" :(


Friday, January 1, 2010

my 20th birthday

29 December 2009
My birthday always started one day before for Yi Ting would never fail to countdown for me. Hehe Even if I'm not looking forward, the countdown never fails to make me feel excited for 12 midnight!
The 12 hours to go... 6 hours to go... 3 hours to go... 1 hour... 15 minutes... 5 minutes.. Not excited also become excited la.. :)

2009 would also be my first year with nephew baby Shern! So my sister, Yin decided to stay in my house until 12 midnight so that I would get a kiss from baby Shern.

So as I was at home, playing Cafe World (very addictive! dont start playing or you'll regret) when Yin came into my room with Shern at about 11.30pm. We chatted and played with Shern, mum came in to look what we were doing, etc...

Then suddenly the light went off!

30 December 2009
♪♫ Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you♪♫ Awwww I was so touched...

But wait! It isnt my mum's voice... and my mum doesnt have that slanting fringe!

OMG!! It's Yi Ting!! And not only her, but TsuYin, Connie and MaryAnne too!! My reaction was only one; OMG!! I AM REALLY SURPRISED!!! =D But at the same time, I dont know how to react. I'm sorry if i'm a little lost at that moment as I was really very surprised!! =)

Connie . TsuYin . MaryAnne . YiTing

Ah Yee . Yin . Shern . Peter

I am seriously very happy and still feeling happy when I went to bed at 2.30am! And now when I think about it, I am still happy and smiling! Hehe Thank youuuu!!!

Later in the afternoon, I went to QB mall with Karen, Ivy, YiTing, Connie and TsuYin. As usual we dilly-dally to decide on where to eat. Being the Bday girl is not a good thing sometimes because they say, "bday girl decides today" on where to eat! arghhhhh~ Anyway after scanning the list of food on the directory board of QB mall, we decided to have our lunch in Manhattan Fish Market.

Knowing that the food serves in big portion, we ordered the Christmas and New Year promotion that serves for four.

extremely big portion

another dish

Luckily we only ordered food for four although we have six people as the portion was indeed BIG. And it was yummy~ All of us were massaging out stomach after lunch!

Then I got the idea that usually this type of restaurant gives complimentary dish/dessert for birthday girl/guy. After asking, I managed to get a brownie with ice-cream for free! Hehehe...

brownie with ice cream

I dont really like the brownie though as it was very dry. And maybe because I was already 98% full at that moment. So the brownie was passed around the table for 2 rounds where everyone MUST get a share because I couldnt finish it and wasting food is bad! :P

After lunch, we went for the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. Had a great laugh in the cinema! I love Theodore. Cuteness!

After movie, we went for food again. We were all still bloated so all of us shared the Mocha Mud Pie at TGIF.

mocha mud pie

coincidentally most of us were wearing black n brown

except for TsuYin!

Had an enjoyable day with you all! Thank you again!! =)

Later at night, I celebrated again with my family. They bought me a very special cake. It was a cake made of crepes!

20 layers of crepes with the combination of fresh cream and vanilla custard between each layer and the topmost layer is caramelized to give a nice smoky sugary flavour, with additional stawberries as toppings~ YUMMY!

One happy family (Shu-Wen missing)

We finished the whole cake in 15 minutes time in which I ate most of it. Haha

Also, not to forget ChuiLeng, PeiShing, and Lean who dedicated a Birthday Song for me during our Redbox outing on 29th December!

And also on 31st December!

And of course those who wished through sms, facebook, msn, call and etc.

Thank you all so so much! I'm feeling like on top of the world! :D

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