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Thursday, April 11, 2013

South Korea - Day 2 - Mount Sorak National Park, Shinheung Temple

***Continuation from the previous blog post....

After an absolutely fun skiing session, we headed straight for lunch. Along the way, we spotted beautiful scenery which I can't resist and took pictures of them from the moving bus.
 When we arrived at the restaurant, it was slightly drizzling so we headed straight inside and had steamboat again, with different style and tasted different. 
Oh, I remember asking the tour guide David - "why does it rain when it's supposed to snow during winter?" He's also confused because he says it SHOULD snow instead of raining. Sigh.............

After the big bowl of steamboat for four of us, we headed to the breathtaking Mount Sorak National Park.

I was really really really cold when I came out from the tour bus. My teeth could not stop chattering and I felt the chills to my bones! This is Daddy hugging me to warm me up. Love this pic! 
 We also took a group photo at the entrance of Mount Sorak National Park together with the bear statue. 
Then we walk around the park and admire its nature.
The scenery was really breathtaking. I love this place alot. It's like a winter wonderland for me. It's like being in a dream!
If you realised the path is actually layered with ice, so it was really difficult to walk on it. Each step felt like I was going to fall flat on my bum-bum!
But I guess it's a good way that we have to walk slowly, so that we can fully enjoy the scenery and absorb the beauty and wonderful feeling of this place into our hearts and memories! 
Along the way, there are also a few shops cute looking shops selling souvenirs. 
We walked towards the Shin Heung Temple,
where the 18 meters bronze figure of the Unification for Peace Buddha is located.
 The view opposite the Buddha.
We headed back to the bus after this, and couldnt resist taking photos again because the place is too pretty!
After the s.l.o.w. walk back to our bus, we continued our journey to the next destination - dinner! It was actually quite a long way from Mount Sorak, we most of us ended up napping in the bus.

When we reached, we are being told that today we are going to have Seafood instead. We were so happy, as we were getting bored of their beef steamboat. However, when we arrived at the restaurant, we realised that even their seafood is steamboat style. LOL Guess because it's winter, everything comes in hot soup!
After our dinner, we headed to our next hotel - which has a Aqua World Hot Spring! Shall leave the hot spring experience on the next blogpost. And in the meantime, look at the pictures below, where me and my mum braved ourselves to fight against the cold night air to take photos of the fake Stonehenge outside the hotel.
 I wore 3 layers of jackets that I can't even zip up my last layer because it was too thick! Hahaha

Oh, and what is best to be eaten when you are in a cold winter places like South Korea? ICE CREAMS! =)


***to be continued......

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

South Korea - Day 1-2 My Ski Experience

***Continuation from the previous blog post....

We headed to Vivaldi Park Ski Resort. Before that we drop by at a ski equipment rental shop located downhill to rent our suits and equipment.

It was actually quite late when we reach there. The above photo was taken the next day when we returned the equipments.

We headed straight from the bus to the shop, looking only at our feet when we walk to make sure that we dont fall due to ice on the ground and to avoid to super chilly wind.

The workers in the shop helped us to get the ski suits. I bought a ski glove there too because all my gloves are not waterproof. I also rented the ski mask.

On another note, look at the BIIIIIIIG FURRY DOG in the shop! So lovable and friendly, and not to forget lazy! The whole time there, everyone was patting him and he didnt even bother to move away from the fireplace!

After everyone got their equipment, we headed straight to Vivaldi Park Ski Resort.

Again, picture was taken in the morning the next day.

Our room was a studio apartment, with a mini kitchen, a bathroom, but no bed! Just wooden floor! But luckily they have something like a "heater" build in the floor!! They provided us mattresses in the cupboard and tatami. I chose to sleep in the mattress! *booooooo (thumbs down)*

I forgot to take a picture of my room! Haha but this is the view balcony view from my parent's apartment.

Yes, people do ski at night! However, we opted for a good rest in bed instead as this is the first good night since we left from Penang! *lights out*
Good morning. Prepped myself with Long John, ready to ski! This is the view from my apartment's balcony.
And this is the view from mum's apartment. 10x prettier! lol

Then we headed down for buffet breakfast in the hotel and after breakfast, it's ski time!

We went to the rental shop to get our ski and ski shoes. This is me getting my feet measured!
 And getting my ski gears!

First of all, the shoes are freaking heavy! I think it's around 5kg one side...maybe less but it feels like 5kg! And it's super hard, like wearing a cast. lol

After wearing the ski boots, we headed into the snow! Oh btw, I was only wearing Long John and the rented waterproof ski jacket, as advised by the tourguide. So I was actually shaking when I went out into the snow!  

We took a group photo before start to ski. 

Then the tourguide taught us how to wear our ski gears and teach us the two main basic things, 1) How to start moving; and the most important lesson 2) How to break!

Then, off we go to ski! I wish I could tell you that I skied like a pro, doing midair jumps and turn left right downhill in between trees and all, but all I did is getting myself to start moving and to break in time before I knock over someone. HAHAHAHA

Just after awhile, I cant believe that I'm actually sweating! Yes, sweating in winter, outdoor! No wonder the tourguide advices us not to wear too many layers. There's actually a group of them who wore 3-4 layers as they were afraid of the cold, and I can see them struggling in their clothes while they ski. They must be feeling like an oven inside!

While I was skiing, my parents and Ah-Yee went around the hotel and took photos.

Alot of the trees in Korea were wrapped up to prevent the trees to die from coldness in the winter. I find them so pretty!

After skiing for about 4 hour, I was so sad that it's times to go. I wished there is more time for me to ski. Bad thing about following tourgroups is this. =(  I LOVE SKIING! This would definitely not be my last ski experience! However, till then, I have to bid farewell to the ski gears and ski boots. After returning them I joined my mum for a short photography session. 

Rushed back to the apartment to have a quick bath and changed before I headed downhill to return my ski suits and continue my Day 2 tour in South Korea.

Overall, skiing is so awesome. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! If only we have snow in Malaysia!

***to be continued......

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