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Saturday, August 27, 2011

my mickey sleeveless top

The other day I was cleaning my wardrobe at home.

I have this bunch of clothes that I only wear them at home because they are so comfortable to wear. No need to iron them as they are best when they are not ironed.

Btw, this post is about one of my favourite home clothes - The Mickey Mouse Sleeveless top. I have this since I was in Primary 4 or 5. WOW! Nearly 10 years already~ (Prove that I dont grow much sideways :P)

It's made of cotton thus it's super comfortable and nice to wear at home especially the humid weather in Penang. But then the clothes is now way beyond repair to wear anymore.

Let the picture below do the illustration!

Sighhhh! I remember few months back, there was only a tiny hole at the back, and now it's gone from tiny to MEGA HUGE! So sad that I need to throw it away! T_T

Plus, Shern likes me wearing this top because he can point at the pictures and say "Mickey Mouse", "fish fish" and "bubbles"!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OBU Degree Graduation @ Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

I just came back from my trip to KL. Nope this time it's not for shopping (although I still do a little of shopping while I was there). The main reason for this trip is for my Degree Graduation!

The graduation was held in Renaissance Hotel located at the corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang on 21 August 2011.

We are allowed to pick our graduation robes as early as 11am. But my parents and I decided not to reach too early as it would be a long day.

We went over to Times Square to collect the bouquet of pink roses we ordered a day earlier from Pretty Petals Florist. Why no delivery on Sunday? :(

A dozen of pink roses costs RM80. I reminded myself that I need to take at least 80 photos with the flower so that it would be worth it! Hehe

After collecting the flower, we went back to the hotel and changed into formal attire. Couldnt resist the beauty of the flower and we took some pictures with it even before the ceremony! Haha

Then we took a taxi from Bukit Bintang to Renaissance Hotel for RM6. We reached there at approximately 12.30pm and there were already a big crowd of graduates and guests.

We quickly went straight to the 1st floor to register. There was a queue of about 10 people in front. During the registration, we were given the official booklet, the map for the robing and photography, and the program for the day.

We went straight to Function Room 3&4 for robing and to our horror, there was about 100 graduates queuing. OMG! But no choice, still have to queue patiently.....

Halfway through the queue, the staff in-charge came by and looked at my receipt. He then asked me to pass the one particular receipt to the robing staff. I asked if I must continue queuing or I can skip the queue, and he replied that I can skip the queue. So I walked pass around 50 graduates in front of me and went straight into the Function Room 3&4 for my robes! :D

After getting my robes, I went over to join Mum & Dad who were already queuing for the photography session. Another about 70 graduates in front of me. So while waiting, my mom took pictures of me! :P

It was nearly 1.45pm when it's my turn for the photography session. Cant wait for the photos to arrive! Hopefully I look okay! :P

Then of course we walked around the hotel taking pictures here and there.

@ the concourse area - stairs

proud parents ;)

registration area @ Ballroom Foyer

@ West Wing, 1st Floor

@ hotel lobby

Daddy & me

@ another random stairs

Then finally my one and only friend who also attended the ceremony is done with her photography. We meet up and took a photo together.

with lee ai

About 2.30pm, the Grand Ballroom is open for graduates and guests.


Grand Ballroom

At 2.50pm, Mr John Playle of Oxford Brookes University Business School introduced the Graduation Ceremony and explained how the ceremony will proceed.

At 3pm, the Graduation Ceremony begins.

Music began to play and everyone stands up. Members of the Platform Party walked from the back of the Grand Ballroom to take their place on stage.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Janet Beer gave a short welcome speech and the presentation of graduates took place.

Since the graduates are arranged by alphabetical order, it was quite a while before it's my turn.

peace sign to differentiate myself from the rest of the graduates lol

Then the guest speaker, Mr Devanesan Evanson from ACCA gave a speech. Then another member of the Platform Party gave a Vote of Thanks before ending the Graduation Ceremony.

After the Platform Party left the Grand Ballroom, the ushers instruct us to leave the Grand Ballroom row by row. We rejoined our guests outside the Grand Ballroom.

Then, it was FOOD TIME! OMG! I bet all of us were so hungry at that moment. Since most of us did not have a proper lunch earlier, the refreshments finished very fast! We were served with chocolate cake, two types of cinnamon roll, fried wanton with coffee or tea.

Then the ushers informed the graduates to return to the Grand Ballroom for a group photo. After arranging and arranging and arranging... TADAAAAAAA!

Can you spot me? LOL if you can, I shall salute you!

I'm seated 4th from the right at the second row from the bottom. Can you see me now? LOL

Thank you for trying. This is a zoom-ed picture of me.

Can you see me now? :)

After that, I went to return my robes and then we took a taxi back to our hotel at Bukit Bintang. Took some pictures at the hotel lobby and hotel room. Hehe

In the end, I took over 200 photos. And most of them includes the pink roses. Worth the money? Hehehe

The end of my Degree of BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting Graduation!

The Graduation Ceremony costs RM290, including :-
- Rental of Full Academic Attire (Robe, Hood, Mortarboard)
- Photography
  • Stage Receiving Award - 8R (1 copy)
  • Oxford Brookes University Group Photo - 8R (1 copy)
  • Individual Portrait - 10R (1 copy), 8R (1 copy), 4R (2 copies)
- Two Guest tickets for the ceremony
- Light Refreshments for Graduate and Two Guests

Monday, August 15, 2011

a chapter in life

a picture says a thousand words.

@ Welcome to EY, KL

@ the reception

@ common pool



@ Daorae, Bayan Point

the end.

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