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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Skydiving @ Cape Town

This is a post about me skydiving. My first skydiving ever! I've already made a decision to do skydiving since I know that I'm coming over to Cape Town a year ago. So on 12 December 2011, my family and I drove towards the skydiving site of Skydive Cape Town.

My appointment was booked for 12.30pm, but we reached there quite early.. about 11.30am. I preferred that as I get to look around at the place, and have enough time for me to freak out and then calm myself down before my turn. LOL

We went to benches allocated outside to chill.

Ate some snacks and saw a few skydivers landing on the landing site. The landing site was smooth and sandy, making it a softer landing.

Not to forget, the sun shining so brightly that day. It has a complete ring around it!

Yes, it was supposed to be a hot day, but i was feeling chilled to the bones. Yes, the anxiety!

After sitting around for quite some time, my anxiety reduces. I'm still scared, but my hands are not freezing cold anymore. Just cold! :P

Oh, I forget to mention that I took the Tandem-Skydiving. Which means that I will be doing the skydiving together with the tandem master. I will be hooked to him, and he does all the technical stuff like releasing my parachute, navigate us to the landing spot, and most importantly, landing us both safely!

I refused to do the jump alone as I was worried I wouldnt know how to land and crash myself and be paralyzed for the rest of my life! And what if my parachute doesnt open and I panic? *kiasi mode* Hahaha

And also if I choose to do it solo, my parachute will open once I'm out of the plane. Which means I would not be able to experience the free fall, which is one of the things that I like the most from bungee jumping! The adrenaline rush that you cant get it anywhere else! ;)

Back to my skydiving experience. Later on, my tandem master, Paul calls me and suit me up.

He's wearing a T-shirt with shorts, while I'm wearing a purple turtle-neck over my top, with a jeans! Hahaha

These are all my supporters (missing Yin, Shern, AhYee and Ian in the photo)... who supported me mentally and being physically there! :D

This is my freak-out face! I'm scared also okay?!

This is me after I got suited up.

Me and Wen.

And this is me wearing the goggles when I'm gonna have my freefall. The shape is so weird! LOL

After awhile, Paul came back and gave me a briefing on what I should do before the jump and during landing. He also said that I would going up to 9000 feet today. My brain straight away jump to calculation mode. (That's like more than 10 times higher than the highest jump I did in Macau Tower!!). You can totally read my facial expression in the picture below. 'You are not joking right? :S

And then off we walked towards the plane.

Paul recall the same thing to me all over again...in case I freak out I guess.

And checked my suit again for safety.

And then, it's time!

Up into the plane.

As you can see, the plane is quite small. It fits exactly 7 of us (two jumpers, two tandem masters, two photographers/videographers and one pilot). We were seated on the floor as the roof of the plane was low. Nope, no chairs like a normal aeroplane.

Bevan, my photographer/videographer was the land to enter and closed the door. Not exactly a door. It's just a transparent plastic thing he slides from the top to cover the exit.

And off we go........

My heart was pumping superbly fast at that time. And then suddenly I remembered Ian told me to enjoy the plane ride as I get to see beautiful sights.

I looked around and it was breathtaking! It was indeed a view that not everyone can experience it. I keep looking turning my head left and right to look at the beautiful scenery.

I was enjoying the view for about 20-30 minutes. My heart even stopped panicking as I was really enjoying myself up there.

And then suddenly Bevan pulls the transparent plastic door up. OMG! This is it... My heart started to pump very fast again. I'm the 2nd jumper from the plane. Another guy will be jumping first.

At first his cameraman crawls himself out from the plane, but still clinging on it like spiderman! I remember thinking 'so yeng' at that time! Hahaha

I see the guy sits at the edge of the plane, and then falls off!

I swear I thought my heart stopped beating. I was really scared at that time! I was turning cold again. And then I heard Paul asking me to sit at the edge of the plane.

OMG!! I dont know how did I managed to drag myself to sit at the edge!

The wind was really strong! I was so scared I was going to be blown away. Then I wouldnt know how to open the parachute as I was so prepared that Paul is gonna do it! I mean, I PAY him to do that for me right? And then suddenly I remembered that I'm hooked to Paul. I felt glad that at least now I wouldnt be so light and not gonna be easily blown away by the wind! Hahaha

Paul then asked me to looked up and smile for the camera. This is the best smile I can give. (more to like opening my mouth and show my teeth only).

He rocked me to the front.. and I was thinking 'OH SHIT OH SHIT', then he rocked me to the back... *fiuf*

Then he rocked me to the front again, and I was thinking 'this is two, next rock is gonna be THREE!!'

But I was wrong!! We fall at that 2nd rock!!!!

I cant remember if I did shout or not! Hahaha

Mind my facial expression. The wind was very strong and my hair are blown all the way to the back. And Paul keep asking me to smile to the cameraman. LOL I guess after a while, my facial expression was stuck! LOL

I had 30 seconds of free fall and then Paul opens the parachute.

Oops! My shirt went up due to the wind. Funny because I dont know anything about it until I see the pictures later on. I didnt even feel cold or wind blowing into my tummy. Maybe because my whole body was already feeling so cold! Hahaha

Below are pictures taken from my supporters. Can you spot me?

The plane is at the middle of the picture. We must have jumped off from the plane already but you cant spot us.

I'm the upper parachute. The one with red tips.

I'm at bottom left.

The one below

Middle of the picture

me doing my turns!

When the parachute is open, Paul handed me the parachute handles and gave me to be in control! Whoooo! He gives the command of course. I wouldnt want to risk flying away from my landing spot and having to land on top of a tree!

The white patch on top right corner is my landing spot. This is the view from above.

As we get nearer, Paul asked me to return him the controls. I was more than glad to do so! Hehe

He does it all! All I have to do was bend my knees, and.....


I've done it! I've skydived 9000 feet and survived!

Thank you Paul!

And that's my plane coming back, after I've landed. Hehe

And my name being ticked off.

Below is the video of my jump. Have fun watching it!

Overall, I'm glad I did it. It was a lovely experience!

However, after that, I was having abit of motion sickness. I believe it's due to the many turns I did after the parachute opened. Had to rest for a few hours before everything was okay! :(
*note to self - eat motion sickness pill beforehand*

Tandem Jump - R 1,500.00
Photo + Video - R 750.00

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