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Friday, October 31, 2008


i went for a walk with my sister and when i reach home, guess what i saw?

*scroll down for dramatic effect*







we dont usually buy baskin robbin even during 31st.. but somehow today i bought a box, and COINCIDENTALLY mum decided to buy too.

i do admit great minds think alike now ;P

ps: i cant wait until tomolo to blog about it. so, two post in a day! not counting the scheduled cat trip post. first time! lol

thirty first

today is thirty first.. hmmm anything that comes to your mind?

no? thirty first wor...

still no? 31st?

what's your flavour.. hmmm.. what's your flavour?

in my fridge

saja wanna tempt =P

today is my last class in ptpl. so sad! no more hihi-haha-WAKAKA with 5 crazy beh phai seh friends =(

farewell lunch @ domino's
foong . shu-min . lean . peishing . chuileng
hooichin ppk-ed us

chuileng . peishing . hooichin . shu-min

hooichin . shu-min . lean

hope to be in the same class in the future to rock the class again! lol

our own cat trip

ranjini, hooichin, lean, karenP, jasvin, aman, diva.. can you still remember this date last year?

let me give you guys a little clue.. erm... the day we fought! lol

our first trip to Genting Highlands!! city of entertainment!

shu-min, hooichin, shanno, jasvin, ranjini, karen

waiting for the bus in komtar
  • remember how we planned it so last minute-ly?
  • remember going down to town - komtar area to get our tickets done?
  • remember how leanlean managed to convinced her mum to let her go to genting when she cant even go to butterworth? lol
  • remember how hooichin finally managed to persuade her mum to let her go only on the day before the trip?
  • remember us making regular trips to batu feringgi to discuss about the trip?
  • remember we got FREE bihun sponsored by diva?

the flash is blinding our eyes

our first group picture in First World Hotel - 4 am!

the check-in time is 11am! the only thing open is the CASINO and we are all underage. =( there's nothing we can do besides...



hooichin and me


we didnt sleep the whole ride in the bus ler.. but no one can compete with...

mummy diva

DIVA!!! he sleeps like a mummy. lol
too bad later on we got woken up by the security.. saying that we are not allowed to sleep on the chairs. cis cis cis... being about 5am in the morning, what can we do in genting highlands? everything is closed!!!!!!

aman was so sleepy.. he fell asleep anyhow. so we got bored doing nothing..

so we did this!

i actually took my leg up towards his head.. and jasvin is holding her slipper!

yes, we are evil! taking photo with him without him realising. =P

at about 6am, we found FOOD! marrybrown is open! the only shop that is open.

breakfast at marrybrown's

we had our breakfast. honestly speaking the breakfast not nice wan.. but we were hungry!

then we leave our luggage to the receptionist (or izzit bellboy?)... and we went OUTDOOR!!

lifting up First World Hotel.. i'm macho!!

but it was drizzling that time =( so we went back indoors.. and played 4D motion master.

in the theater

after that, the drizzling stopped! we went back outdoors!!! OUTDOOR THEME PARK, HERE WE COME!

bring bullied by aman and diva during the Umbrella..ella..ella..eh ehh ride.. they keep kicking my swing!

TA PAU before Go-Kart

we look like mushrooms. =.=''

karen, jas and shanno during Go-Kart


karen and ranjini in space shot!

lean and me

shanno and jasvin

aman and diva played too. only hooichin dont wanna play! she's scared! lol we looked so calm in the pics right? let me show you the "interview" before the ride... view the videos..

you should see lean's face during the first drop. her expression is... EXPRESSIONLESS. totally no expression. i was so shocked. thought she left her soul up there d or become crazy d. zzzzzz

after a few round of that climax ride, i guess our energy worn out d. scream too much. we decided to go back and check-in our rooms, get a bath before coming out again!

in the room, while waiting for miss hooichin to bath, something happened!

guess who's this?

it's non other than our miss KEE LEAN LEAN!

what is she doing inside?

she's actually giving birth.. hahaha... i actually got a video.. but i decided NOT to upload it or she would chop me into 100000000000 pieces! save my own neck!

after bathing, we cant help but to vain a little and use the camera timer to take pics.

three on the bed

ranjini and karen joined too while waiting for slow jasvin taking bath.

five on the bed

a little closer

errrr... i dont know why we did this pose. lol


finally jasvin is ready, and off we go to outdoors again! aman and diva prefer to sleep in the room. zzzzzzz

we played something light to warm up first.. so we played toot toot car! (not bad word car k.. it's OLD ANCIENT CAR that i call it toot toot car!)

ranjini, karen, shanno and jasvin

me, lean and hooichin

we saw a london phone booth!


then we met GENIE! (i think.. cant remember her name. lol)

with genie

hooichin says the Genie is damn hiau. kinda true la cause it keep disturbing us by tickling our ears and coming very near us. lol


then we continue playing the rides.

swinging ship

before the ride started

during the ride. making sure we scream damn loud to scare those lining up =P

7 posers

lining up for pirate ghost ride

i like pic! i look like a kid taking a bagpack!

before her turn


i remember saying.. "lean.. i am scared!!!" lol i takut hantu mah

during the jumbo ride

me and lean's honeymoon picture

aint it romantic? awwwwww

genting, city of entertainment


shanno and karen

another photo of ella ella eh eh

me and lean all wet after the water splash ride

see how wet we are. halfway through the ride, it started drizzling again. that was about evening time already. we were totally wet and when the wind blows, it's super duper cold! both of us was freezing! aman and diva joined this ride too. they were also freezing!

we went back indoor, since it's raining, and we were all so cold!

looking red

venice boat ride

another group photo after a long day

we didnt take photo of every ride. too excited till we forgot!

we had a long day. didnt sleep the night before! we were in the bus, crapping all the way!!

remember playing 'truth or dare' at night? we danced, we sang, many truths were revealed, many dares were done! it was fun!
oh ya, we were supposed to be watching the movie - 300... but all the girls nearly fell asleep with the movie. hahahaha guess it's not our type of movie larrrr

the next morning...


lol i like the wall.. it's so cold.. i like to make my feet cold =P

look at jasvin's blur face. she just woke up!

after everyone got ready... we went... SHOPPING! only a few pictures were taken. hehe

mosquito look

then it's time for us to leave genting. our first trip ended so fast

hooichin sleeping in the bus

jasvin's sexiness style of sleeping in the bus

group picture

take 1

take 2

so fast this trip already reaches 1st year anniversary! time passes so fast. it felt like just last month isnt it?

note: didnt expect it to be such a long post. sorry if i bore you. hehehe

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