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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

chinese horoscope?

According to the Chinese Horoscope, I was born in the year of snake.

Is that why my fingers are experiencing the change of skin?


Monday, August 23, 2010


P3 - Business Analysis - 63% PASS
P5 - Advanced Performance Management - 55% PASS

YAY! \o/

10 papers down...1 more to go!
And OBU thesis result to wait...

Friday, August 20, 2010

dear time

of better still, REWIND?

I wanna relive the happy moments!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

row row row your boat

Last Sunday, we went canoeing at Water Sports Centre located in Tanjung Bungah. We reached there about 5.30pm.

Only four of us (LipHoo, ChekHwa, PeiShing and me) turned up. The rest potong steam-ed us. ISHK!!

Spot the colour of the clothes! ChekHwa, Peishing and me in blue! GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!! :D

We paid the guy in charge RM10/hour/person. Each of us took the single person canoe and carried them to the beach.

LipHoo was missing in the above picture as he went to change into a proper attire. So we took pictures first. Then suddenly LipHoo turned up WITH HIS BOXERS! hahahahaha

The three of us cant stop laughing! HAHAHA PeiShing said he desperately wants to join THE BLUE gang so he stripped down to his boxers. HAHAHA but...but... but his boxers are green! Maybe green is nearer to blue than white... hmmmm....

So after some photo taking and laughing non stop, we kept our stuff into the car and locker. THEN OFF WE GO CANOE-ING...




After 1 hour, no one capsized! AINT WE PRO? hehe

I went back to the shore and grab the camera from the locker and snap pictures of the other three.

We canoe a little over 1 hour. Luckily we were not fined to pay extra. Hehe.

We unload the water in the canoes, carried them back, washed our jackets and hung them to dry. Then we went to the washroom to change into dry clothes. PeiShing and me did not took a bath, so we waited for the two guys who took their own sweet time in the bathroom.

Then we left Water Sports Centre in LipHoo's car. Thx for the ride LipHoo!

The end of my canoeing trip.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

cheers for the memories

When we first arrive, it was quite early nothing to do (more to phai seh actually LOL) so we took pictures instead.

lean . me . peishing

still decent looking lol

lean . me . peishing . liphoo . TAI LO chekhwa

Once the place get more crowded, I guess we are getting used to the place and the loud music. So we partyyyyyy!

sweating like we just ran 134878732km

i like ;)

with chek hwa, our tai lou!
(as for my expression, i thought they are making faces! BOO!)

We were in Mois from around 11am till around 2am. Drink, dance, watching people sexy dance competition, trying to make LipHoo dance but he wouldnt the whole time! LipHoo kept going outside. He says too noisy and unhealthy!! He says he didnt enjoy clubbing.

while waiting for liphoo.. lean's hand is too short, chekhwa cant fit in

weird poses

Lean supposed to leave at 12.30am but PeiShing kept her keys and refused to pass it back to her. In the end she stayed until near 2am. Another reason was because she couldnt walk straight! We did not dare to let her drive back.


long story cut short. this is chekhwa's action

As we couldnt trust Lean to drive back home alone, we decided to accompany back to her house. LipHoo took over the Lean's wheels while ChekHwa followed behind. After dropping Lean and her car, all of us hop into ChekHwa's car to drop LipHoo. We even took a wrong turn and nearly ended up using the Balik Pulau road. Luckily we realised and took a U-turn. The whole journey took about an hour or so. After dropping LipHoo, we then went to Subaidah for mamak!

PeiShing and I went to the Subaidah toilet. And it was quite scary to wait alone outside so we ended up going into the toilet together. Not facing each other while we pee of course! HAHAHA

@ Subaidah

Then we went over to some random field near TAR College and just sat and chat. ChekHwa even took out his shoes to feeeeeel the grass.

We got home at around 5am!! OMG feeling so guilty actually... :S But I had lotsa fun! :) PeiShing and me slept at 7am in the morning and woke up at 10am.. eyes like a zombie!

So, this is my first experience of clubbing! ;)
I will still go in the future.. but not anytime soon. LOL

And THANK YOU ChekHwa for fetching and dropping PeiShing and me.. and everything else in between! GOOD TAI LO YOU ARE! :D

Friday, August 6, 2010

happy 20th birthday yi ting

The Birthday Girl

cake . wish . candle . cut

Dinner @ Sebai Sebai Restaurant

tomyam soup

fried kangkung . fish in thai style
pandan chicken . chicken braised with chilli paste

Dessert @ Crepe Cottage

hot apple . mango cup

Attendance List : Yi Ting, KarenC, Rachael Lim, Connie and Me

for your never ending friendship!

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