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Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 2 - Sabah, negeri di bawah bayu (afternoon)

Hello! I'm back to blog! Hehe... Let me continue my never-ending Sabah trip...

So after the "fish spa", we headed back to Kundasang. We dont really have anywhere else to go and still have lots of time to go. So although we weren't "history buffs", we decided to drop by the tourist spot, Kundasang War Memorial.

The Kundasang War Memorial was actually situated very near The Cottage Hotel that we were staying.

Check out the view outside the main entrance of Kundasang War Memorial. Well, besides the lalang, the view was beautiful! The wind was cooling too, but the sun was scorching hot when we arrived. Nevertheless, I LOVED IT!

Entrance ticket is only RM2.00.

Then off we enter!

This memorial is to honour the British and Australian soldiers who died during the infamous death march during the World War II. 
There's a beautiful garden ala Australian style inside the memorial. Look at the Australia map in the middle of the field!

Then there's this peaceful area where all the soldiers name where engraved on a plate as an honour for their bravery. 

Loved the roof. Although the hot sun is baking us badly!

Walked to the end of this area was a balcony with a spectacular view!

 After this, we headed to the next attraction, Desa Cattle. It's located at the top of the hill according to our driver.

The entrance fee was RM4/person. 

Driving into the farm, we were greeted by a big rock by Desa Cattle!

Then we decided to climb up to the peak of the rock!

 We went to the shop first to have a look around.

Then we went to look around at the farm. Again, the view was spectacular! Almost as if I'm taking a photo in New Zealand! But the smell was kinda horrible! Haih..... But after awhile, we've get used to it I guess. LOL

Yeah, if you noticed the cows were actually very very far!!!!!

Then we went to an area which is kinda blocked... but we sneak our way in for awhile for photo shooting purposes. Can you spot the cow?

At least the cows look bigger now in the photos! LOL

Then we went to the baby goat/cow house. This is my favourite part of this attraction. The goats are soooooooooo cute! 

 We can purchase milk in bottles or fresh grass to feed them! It was really really fun! I miss the goats sooooo much! LOL

There were chalets too for anyone who wish to stayover in this farm during their trip here.

After we finish visiting, we headed back to the shop for our dose of fresh milk and ice-cream. 

Cant really remember how the milk tastes like (sorry!), but I remember the ice-cream being really smooth and yummy!

After that we decided to head to our lunch. Just a random place along the way to the next destination. Ordered two portions for three people as we are still full from the milk and ice-cream. Food was just meh! Not worth recommending... LOL

After lunch, we headed to the last destination in our list, Kota Kinabalu Park.

Nope, we are not hiking.. Wasli drove us up the driving trail surrounded by thousand year old trees and rainforest. We wind down our windows, stuck our head out and enjoy the mist and chilly weather! If only Penang have such weather! 

After Wasli drop us at one of the track, and we hiked down a little. Spotted a super big fake Rafflesia!

Meet up with Wasli at the bottom of the trail and then we left the park, headed back to Kota Kinabalu Town. Halfway through our 2 hour journey, it started to rain again.. the usual afternoon rain in Sabah! But look how scary the view from our car.

Again, we felt so grateful that we decide not to drive ourselves and to get a driver!

Wasli dropped us right in front of Yomi Hotel, a place that we've booked for our stay for the next few days. Took a picture with him and thanked him for his service for the last two days!

Checked in to our hotel and OMG! It was at the 3rd floor. No lift so we have to carry our luggage up and when we open our hotel room, we were a little shocked! We requested for a room with window, and yes, check out the mini window, which we open to the backlane of the hotel!
We were so afraid cockroaches or other insects were gonna crawl in, so we decided to keep the window closed at all times!
What to do, we wanted a cheap hotel, and this is the price we pay for being stingy! Hehehe
After a good bath, we headed to a restaurant and ordered some good food! Yummy Yummy.....
The end of Day 2... finally! 
Stay tuned for Day 3..... hehehe
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