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Thursday, August 28, 2008

my favourite cookie

let me introduce u my favourite cookie of all time...

*teng teng teng teng*


**Oreo is a trademark for a popular sandwich cookie currently manufactured by the Nabisco Division of Kraft Foods. The current design consists of a sweet, white filling commonly referred to as 'cream' or 'creme', sandwiched between two circular chocolate cookies. Over 491 billion Oreo cookies have been sold since they were first introduced, making them the best selling cookie of the 20th century. - wikipedia**

seriously, oreo is the BEST cookie ever created... i love them!! offer me an oreo and i'll be ur best friend! haha

i can eat it anytime, anywhere!

i just finished a packet of oreos and now, i'm craving for oreos already!! i want MORE!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

public holiday

today is a public holiday for penang!! penang's chief minister lim guan eng announced that due to the election in permatang pauh.. wonder what's the result?

all i know is, it's definately better than spending time in law class.. *evil laughter*


Monday, August 25, 2008

girl guides

note: click on the pic if you want to view it larger

guiding has indeed played a BIG part in my schooling days. it makes a big impact of my life. it shaped me into a person i am now today.

i learned many things by being a girl guide. i learned how to cook...

Zzz-Q-Toe Patrol - Cookout 2003 and Excos - 23rd CPT Camp 2006

Cookout - Chronix Patrol - Combined Training Camp (CTC) 2003

Camper's Badge 2005

i know what you are thinking.. NO ONE ever went to the toilet after eating my cooking k? although some "accidents" might happen like kuali dropped while i'm frying.. or cooking halfway and i realized i forgot to cut my carrot....hahahaha... until today, i still dun like cooking.. prefer to eat =P

i learned to discipline myself throughout activities/meetings/events/tests held along the way..

Jorai-zon Patrol 2003 and Oxyriouz Patrol 2004 - Fancy Drilling in Kem Wawasan

Morning Inspection Chronix Patrol - CTC 2003 and Morning Colours 23rd CPT Camp 2006

Reporting In and Morning General Assembly - Lil' Saint Patrol - CTC 2004

at the same time.. i get to learn new things and make things through the camp competitions..

Miniature Campsite 2003 and Miniature Structure Lil' Saint Patrol 2004)

Totem Pole Chronix Patrol 2003 and Haloz Ship Lil' Saint Patrol 2004

Bridge Chronix 2003 and Structure Lil' Saint 2004

Gateway - Chronix 2003 and Lil' Saint 2004

Shield & Weapon and Lantern Oxyriouz - Kem Wawasan 2004

Wau and Mascot - Kem Wawasan 2005

Dance Chronix 2003 and Lil' Saint 2004

Flag Uquatous 2005 and Banner 2006

Portrait and Island - Uquatous 2005

and most importantly, the people i know throughout my guiding life. the fun times we had during camps.. all the laughter, jokes, funny moments, crazy memories.. each camp.. each event.. each meeting.. gives a different experience... ahhh gives me a nostalgic feeling now... *sob sob*

Ahli Pertukangan Test 2003

Nature Walk 2003

Chronix Patrol - Combined Training Camp 2003

16th Penang Company 2003

Oxyriouz Patrol - Kem Wawasan 2004

Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Test 2004

Lil' Saint Patrol - Combined Training Camp 2004

Lil' Saint Reunion Party 2004

Kem Wawasan 2005

SXI Gathering 2005

Senior Ranger's Farewell 2005

Camper's Badge 2005

23rd Ranger Unit 2005

after AGM Meeting 2005

Committee Members of 23rd CPT Camp 2006

Sangam - State Camp 2006

Ranger's Farewell 2006

Last V-Formation 2006

Committee Members 2006

23rd Ranger Unit 2006

there's alot of ppl that i didnt manage to get a photo with them.. but i would really like to thank all the sisters in guiding that made my guiding life a wonderful one. i would cherish all those moments together in a team/patrol/camp, those who were there to support, those who were there to make it happen!!

i seriously super duper miss those days and YOU, my sister in guiding!!! =)

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