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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank you!

Many many thanks for the birthday wishes and presents and efforts to celebrate my 20th birthday!

Daddy . Mummy . Ah Yee . Shu-Yin . Peter . Yiu-Shern . Shu-Wen . Ian Abels . Lee Yi Ting . Connie Cheng . Leong Tsu Yin . Mary Anne Ng . Koh Siew Wern . Lynice Teo . Ooi Chui Leng . Chin Mei Chi . Sim Teng Hock . Koay Pei Shing . Ranjini . Rowene . Karen Chuah . Lim Hock Hsiang . Kee Lean Lean . Chien Woen . Yong Kam Siew . Ong Siew Ling . Beh Poh Lay . Tan Cheah Ling . Cheong Jia Xin . Chiew Row . Strife Shake . Anisha . Goay Wai Wai . Yee Ye . Sabrina Oh . Cheryl . Fu Xian . Siew Kheng . Chu Siew Ping . Tan Bee Leng . Lee Li Peng . Navenia . Christine Thoo . Pn Ooi Poh Choo . Farah Hanani . Goh Hooi Chin . Lina Julian . Tan Yi Lin . Kar Yen . Choki Chuah . Koh Siew Siew . Rachael Yuen . Leow Ker Shin . Sonia . Teh Yu Yu . Agneslin Toh . Anna Yeoh . Rachel Ooi . Michelle Chuah . Vivian Tan . Mimi Kuku . Rebecca Khoo . Toby Bryan . Faridah . Lilian Lee . Maybelle Loh . Chan Shallyn . Jasvinjit Kaur . Wong May Yee . Juven Lee . Eileen Eng . Lucia Sim . Ah Kong . Karen Peter . Swen . Sam Kau fu . Say Kaufu & Kaumo . Ng Wan Ting . Thum Kuen Mun . Lim Ming Ying . Jee Yi Hong . Lok Jian Yuan . Jocelyn Lee . Erene Lim . Khoo Lean Nee . Tan Yi Ling . Yvonne Teoh . Chan Joe Mun . Alvin Wong . Liang Wu . Aysha . Celine Lim . Lai Fun. Lee Jo Lin . Vion Cheah . Kah Hooi . Tan Mei Ying . Aaron Gan . Tan Bee Shin . Michele Kei . Lim Shu Yee . Tammie Seo . Kelly Teoh . Kamini . Tan Li Shan . Ching Ling . Marilyn Khaw . Khoo Chu Sien . Lau Hooi Fern Aaron Chong . Yoon Siew Phing . Xiu Lee . Tan Yi Wei . May Khoo . Parimala Devi . Ooi Yew Sing . Joanne Soong . Alan Woo . Wong Mei Theng . Cheah Mei Chen . Lai Jen Tze . Daniel Phoon . Rachael Lim . Roshini . Ds Tan . Miss Lee Hui Li . Tang Mei Kwei . Kelly Ang . Tan Ru Yan . Ong Sook Chen . Mr Oh Teik Soon . Gan Lay Fern . Justina Lee . Yeoh Kok Chuen . Kang Leng . Shantina Khoo . Christine Wijaya . Ang Jun Lynn . Diana Chan . Neoh . Leong Ting Hwa . Jack Lee . Liew Yi Hui . Mah Chun Huey .

My day was bright and blessed because of you!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

golden faith

my all time favourite tvb series!

**The plot surrounds successful tycoon Ivan Ting Sin Bun, the adopted son of the founder of Ting Fung, a large gold merchant. Ivan discovers that his rival who is seeking a female lawyer's affection turns out to be his long lost brother. But fate plays around with them since the very beginning as Richard Chung Sau Hong not only is Ivan's love rival, but has also already hated Ivan due to a misunderstanding from an illegal money interaction that happened because of a past illegal business involving Ivan's adoptive father, Ting Wing Bong.

Twists and turns in the plot that includes death, legal and business issues, love triangles, cunning scheming and betrayals... all having to do with the close people around Ivan as he finds himself entangled within these problems.-wikipedia**

I love this series right from the beginning to the very ending.
I love the songs!

I just finish watching it again. This is probably my 5th time already? LOL There will definitely be a 6th time in the future! :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

2324 december 09

23 December 2009
Went to gurney for a lunch with MaryAnne, MeiChi, YingYuan, KamSiew and YiTing. As usual we were there dilly-dallying where to eat when we meet. After a many many rounds of 'you decide la i cincai wan', we finally agreed to have our lunch at Food And Tea Hong Kong.

The food there is okay la, not really very delicious but not really very bad either. The lunch set was quite a big portion for a person so all of us were bloated! I enjoyed meeting up with friends and chit-chatting more than the food. LOL too bad the next time we get to meet would be somewhere during Chinese New Year already i guess. :(

meichi . shu-min . yiting

maryanne . kamsiew . yingyuan

24 December 2009
Meet up again with MaryAnne, YiTing, MeiChi. Karen came back from Kampar and joined us too. We went for Avatar!

**"Avatar" is an emotional journey of redemption and revolution. The story tells of a wounded ex-marine, who thrust unwillingly into an effort to settle and exploit an exotic planet rich in bio-diversity, and eventually crosses over to lead an indigenous race in a battle for survival. Thus, combining the elements of massive spectacle and intimate character that made James Cameron's "Titanic" the highest grossing film of all time. -gsc.com.my**

It was an interesting show with great storyline. But I think it was a little too long, nearly 3 hours! I got a little tired during the last half an hour. But overall still a great show. Rating 4.5/5.0.

By the time we finished the movie, it was already 3.15pm. I went to buy tickets for the next movie and there were a looooooooooong queue. Queued for half an hour.

YiTing then had to go back as she has some other plans. The rest of us again dilly-dally about what to eat for our very late lunch. Finally settled in Nando's.

All of us had 1/4 Chicken with 2 sidelines and all of us finished everything that we ordered since it was our breakfast + lunch + teatime. Forget to take picture as all our eyes were lighted up the moment we see food and attacked like hungry ghosts!

Then MeiChi, MaryAnne and Karen left. That's when I meet up with Lean. She was complaining that she's very extremely hungry, while I was complaining how full I am!

Meet up with PeiShing and Ryan and off we go for Princess and the Frog.

**A prince named Naveen (Bruno Campos) from the land of Maldonia is transformed into a frog by the evil scheming voodoo magician Dr. Facilier (Keith David). The frog prince asks a waitress named Tiana (Anika Noni Rose) to break the spell by kissing him. However, the kiss doesn't break the spell, but instead turns Tiana into a frog as well. Together, the two of them must reach the good voodoo priestess of the Bayou, Mama Odie (Jenifer Lewis), while befriending a trumpet-playing alligator and a hopelessly romantic firefly along the way. -gsc.com.my**

It starts with 'once upon a time' and ends with 'and they lived happily ever after'. The kind of traditional disney fairytale that never fails to be bored. I think overall it was a nice simple show. Dreams do come true? :) Rating of 4.0/5.0.

After movie, the four of us walked around for a while. Then we followed Ryan to fetch his brother in Sungai Nibong Bus Station. After that we were extremely hungry already and we went to have Bah Kut Teh somewhere in Sungai Nibong.

Yummy!!!! Maybe because we were all too hungry. Any food would be yummy already~ lol
(forget to take picture again as was too busy attacking food)

After Ryan dropped his brother back home, we went over to Gurney again. Lean meet up with her friend then Ryan met up with his friends.

And since nothing to do we just sat randomly outside G hotel and played Net Big 2. After the first round, we realised that it was already midnight! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

lean . shu-min

ryan . peishing

Then we saw a few police who was previously standing rather near us, went over to the other side of the road, as people starts spraying foam on passing cars.

Being KPCs, four of us went and joined the crowd. Interesting! Police confiscated the foam bottle if they sees them spraying. After about 15 minutes of following the police around catching people, somehow we lost the police in sight. So we just follow the crowd. Being sandwiched and smell ppl's sweat and lack of oxygen! YUCK~

Overall, christmas countdown wasnt as happening as 2009 in Gurney. Maybe it is more happening in QB mall or UPR this year? We went to the wrong place? Hmmmm.....

P.S : Yes! I had a new haircut!

merry christmas

HO HO HO~!~!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

christmas party

Laziness struck. This post will be in shortcut point form. Sorry!

6.30pm : Meet up with Lean, PeiShing and Alan at Penang Jetty.

insanity strikes

6.45pm : Boarded the ferry.

vainism strikes

7.00pm : Arrived at Butterworth Jetty. Waited for HooiChin

7.30pm : HooiChin fought through and picked us up and off we go to KarenP's house.

8.00pm: Arrived KarenP's house. Ranjini and Swen was there already.

8.05pm: Dinnertime! We were starving~

mutton, chicken, potato, vege

pies and cakes and desserts

more pies and cakes and desserts


8.45pm: Bloated with the huge amount of yummy curry, pies and cakes! YUMMY!

8.50pm : Vained around the house with the Xmas deco.

9.00 pm : Sang a birthday song for Swen as her exam falls during exam week and we couldnt celebrate with her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEN! :)

9.05pm : Sat down and chit-chatted.

9.30pm : Christmas Exchange Gift!

karenp with a pen from alan
hooichin with a vase from ranjini

alan with candle + chocolates from shu-min
swen with cute fan from hooichin

peishing with a towel from lean
ranjini with the grand prize from everyone!

shu-min with toiletries from peishing
lean with soft toys + card from swen

10.00pm : Played the game 'charade', 'numbers', 'songs', etc.....

10.30pm : Vained again.

10.30pm : Ranjini, Alan and Swen had to go home. The rest just sat down and chit-chatted.

11.00pm : Had second round helping of the food. Dessert/Supper time!

11.15pm : Laze around while waiting for the caroling.

11.45pm : Caroling time! Joy to the world......

12.00am : Bersurai. KarenP dropped us back in Penang! One of the best Christmas Party I've been so far. Enjoyed myself to the maximum that night! Thx KarenP and family for everything!

Monday, December 21, 2009


the title says it all.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

exam's over

YAY! *throws confetti* FREEDOM!! Gosh it tastes so nice. Everything around me seems to be prettier. Even the weather (though it rained but I still think it's nice!).

So now what are my holiday plans?

1. Nope I'm not going anywhere. Penang it is! Gonna catch up with friends who came back from all around the world to this small little island.

2. Online. I miss blogging, msn-ing, facebook-ing, plurking! I'm back to cyberworld! :)

3. Catch up with movies. I tell you, Connie and I are probably the only person left on earth who havent watch 2012. *shy* So 2012 it is tomorrow, and I'll join the "the-world-is-gonna-end-in-2012" club in facebook after that. HAHA

4. Sleep. As in anytime I like. I can have my biological clock turned upside down! ngek ngek ngek

5. Clean my room to make it ACCA-free. Not a single ACCA-related stuff would be lying around my room.

6. Dramas! Yes I'm a die-hard tv addict. I love to spend time staring at the stupid box. Thanks!

7. Read some storybooks. I miss them!

8. Goes shopping with family! I missed out so many shopping trips that they had. I need to catch up. SALES!!

9. Clean my room. Only if all the above has been satisfied though. Hehe

That's all so far. Again, FREEDOM!! ngek ngek ngek

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



last picture taken before you go to SA

Everyone misses you here. Even my Labbit! hehe
♥ xoxoxo♥

ps: i just realized, i think the last time i celebrated your birthday with you was 2006. :(

Monday, December 7, 2009


ACCA students,
May the ONG be with us!

I'm taking:
F8 - Audit and Assurance
P1 - Professional Accountant
P2 - Corporate Reporting


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