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Thursday, May 20, 2010

live from college library

Hello. I'm not missing. I'm changing my streamyx plan at home and tmnet says they would take around 1 month to get everything done. Today is just the 2nd week!! :S

My everyday plan for this coming three weeks is library library library. I'm turning into a nerd soon. No choice since I have only 3 weeks left to input my P3 and P5 textbooks, notes, exercises and PYQ. This clearly defines how last minute I am. *hide face*

Friends are now having their break from Uni-s. Everyone is back to this little island for reunions and gatherings and hang outs. But I'm gonna be stuck with my studies!! I wanna hang out without feeling guilty!! :(

I miss everyone. I miss no exam moments.

But till then, I cant do anything but hang on! Huk huk huk....study hard ACCA-ians!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

huk huk huk

This is time of the year for stress Stress STRESS! T_T

Around 1 more month to exams, and each of us prays that we are not stuck in gear 1. Study mode SHOULD kick in instead and we SHOULD be speeding trying to read, understand and memorize facts/information to be vomited out during exams.

As for me, my studying mode has not quite kicked in. die Die DIE!! But I'm trying my very best to create a guilty feeling when I should be studying..

STUDY SHU-MIN!! STUDY!! Huk huk huk...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

genting highlands again

Date of trip: 1-3 May 2010

Highlights for the trip
- Saw a display of fireworks in Genting Highlands due to Labour Day celebration.
- Entered the outdoor theme park free at around 8pm for free due to the fireworks.
- It's Yiu-Shern's first trip out of Penang.
- I entered Genting Casino for the first time! Did not gamble. Had the free Milo drink. Hehe

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