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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


i used to rear hamsters.

it first started when my parent's friend's daughter gave a hamster to me. then it got to my interest and i start rearing hamsters.

i rear the same sex because i dun wan them to breed. and i dun rear female hamsters cause the first time i had two female hamsters, they bite me! and overall they are naughtier! so i prefer male hamsters. and my hamsters are NOT gay!

when i finally have enough money to buy them a "bungalow"

going up the tube.. exploring their new home

drinking water

right after pom pom...

they are now in heaven.

one is sleeping at his favourite hiding place while the other is busy climbing

i do exercise!

i miss them.

i love them.

Monday, July 28, 2008

monday blues

i hate mondays.


1. 5 more days before you have 2 days of weekends. which is 24hours x 5 days!!!

2. tax class.. with an irritating lecturer knocking tables with his marker at least 20 times in a two hour class... or he would clap his hands asking you, "clear ma?" "understand?" =.=''

3. law class... 3 hours on mondays!! and now we are going to have replacement classes for a few weeks... 4 hours straight.. OMG!! that's 4 hours of bedtime lullaby... and i gotta keep myself awake!!

cant believe i'm going to have this schedule for another 5 months. *faints*

Sunday, July 27, 2008

family day

this morning, dad's office has this family day at Bayview Beach Resort, in Batu Feringgi. everyone in my family went!

we reach there early.. so we took some pics before the event started..

look at my dad! running like an olympic athlete!

then we played the "feeding daddy" game.

and other games like caterpillar race, "fishing" game, hula-hoop game.. treasure hunt.

even kids have fun!

well. one of the kids game was called "animal" game. they are supposed to race like the animal they are wearing. for example, rabbits have to hop, ducks have to walk, while tortoise have to crawl. but kids are really creative! the ducks hops, the rabbits crawl.. and tortoise runs!!! how cool is that huh?

we took photos with the clown, hoho too.

yes, i dun like clowns. but this clown doesnt look creepy and scary. so it's still ACCEPTABLE.

we had free nasi lemak and breads for breakfast and buffet at the ballroom for lunch too!

that's all for the family day outing!

i love my family =)

Friday, July 25, 2008

the dark knight

followed binbong and her dad for a movie in queensbay mall today. this is the first time i'm watching movie in queensbay. normally gurney plaza will be my choice as it is nearer to my home.

queensbay definately has better seats than those in gurney. they have bigger space for your leg to stretch! and the seats are slightly bigger too. i feel MUCH comfortable. if it's not that far from my hse, i will definately go queensbay for my future movies!

anyway, back to movies, we watched The Dark Knight. aka as Batman.

i dunno why, i dun fancy batman as much as superman or spiderman since young. maybe i prefer bright colour heroes.. rather than black ones. hahahhaa

it's quite a nice show. although i get a little confused at the beginning. confused of the characters. LOL. the storyline is okay. but i think it lacks a little romance. sigh i am a romance movie person =( rating of 3.5/5.0 from me

oh ya, and i hate the joker. i hate clowns. there are NOT CUTE. scary in fact =S

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


i got the feeling that my car tyres need some air.. so i went to the patrol station nearest to my hse after classes to get the tyres pumped..

today is not the first time i got my car types pumped but today it's really suay!

i started off with the first tyre, okay, no problem, the air went in and when it reach 200, the machine beep and i stopped. fair enough..

here comes the second tyre. when i first pluck the thing into the tyre hole, the reading is only 44.. but nvm, i just continue pumping right? that's what a normal person will do. keep holding the air pump until the machine beeps right?

later when i shift my head to look at the reading, it went up to 235! omg! that's 35 more than i need!! of course i took the besi thing away from the tyre, fearing that the tyre will EXPLODE and that would be such an embarrassment in public!! =S

i went to the third tyre. which problem starts to come again. when i put in the besi thing for the air to go in the tyre, it keeps beeping and the machine gave the word "error". and mind you, the beeping is like SUPER loud. everyone in the WHOLE petrol station could listen to the beeping. =.='' it happens for a few times and people in the petrol station start staring at me. they must be thinking "what a stupid girl she is, pump air also dunno"... zzzzz

when i look behind, there's even a guy on the motorbike queuing to get his tyre pumped too. i try to settle mine fast but the stupid machine keep beeping "error"!! really so phai seh...

but thank god later the guy on the motorbike queuing behind came to help.. he did a few times and finally stopped the word "error" to appear on the machine. he told me that the machine is a little spoil already. i gotta cover one part of the besi thing to stop the air from leaking. he even helped me for the fourth tyre!

this person make me realised that there are actually many kind and good Samaritans around. the world is not as bad as it seems to be. there are always strangers who are willing to help when you are in need. i am glad that he helped! thx mr anonymous =)

sweet 19 to bin bong

celebrated lean's bday today. happy sweet 19! =)

this is the drawing i send her in msn last night.

artistic boh? hahaha.. eh! consider ho liau also d la.. use 2 minutes only okay? have to draw so many candles some more...

after i send her the drawing.. then i realised.. OH NO!!! i only draw 18 candles.. she's supposed to be turning 19 today.. not 18.. so i draw her another candle...

i know it looks like a mancis more than a candle..hahaha

today, we went to fish spa AGAIN. and yeah she got the free 30 minutes fish spa session. actually that's the reason we went there. for her free birthday treat!

she is definately not so ticklish compare to me and hc. me and hc kalah teruk compared to her. haha

since miss bin bong loves japanese food, we went to nippon yataimura, a japanese restaurant located in pulau tikus for lunch.

it was delicious for me and the birthday girl. hc on the other hand doesnt like japanese food and said she will never eat japanese food again. haha.. not that the food is not nice. she just cant eat japanese food. bodoh betui!! they are so delicious!!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


i'm currently eating strawberries while typing this post. lol i LOVE strawberries.

i love the colour. somehow it makes you feel better whenever you are sad. the red is so refreshing. so welcoming. it makes me smile always.

i'm in love with strawberries! hahaha

of course. not to forget to thank my beloved sister that brought the strawberries back from cameron highland for me. *muaks muaks*

oh ya! another friend of mine left penang. she's the one always late for outings. one of the noisy one during our outings. haha.. gonna miss you SHA! have fun down under. =)

k la.. wanna continue kissing my strawberries.. lol *hop away*

Saturday, July 19, 2008

1st birthday to chao chao

on 16th, we celebrated my niece's 1st birthday! she's finally one year old. everyone in the family love yi xin aka chao chao! *muaks muaks*

she's gonna call me "min ku". zzz sounded a little like miku (the pink bread hor).. hahaha.. at least min ku sounded young! she's gonna have 9 "piew ku's" name to remember.. lol

heart her <3

question: how many of you actually remember your first birthday?

i dont remember mine. =( in the old era, we dont really have a camera to preserve all the sweet memories! but i bet chao's life will be full of pictures! =)


since rachael tagged me. here it goes =)

Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head. Don’t read the questions before you write, and tag 5 ppl to do the survey.

1) jocelin
2) leanlean
3) yiting
4) tsuyin
5) karen c
6) ranjini
7) jasvin
8) karen peter
9) winnie
10) junlynn
11) alan @ kahhooi
12) anna
13) rebx
14) jen
15) shu-yin
16) shu-wen
17) huey
18) chu sien
19) ivy
20) hock hsiang

1) How did you meet 14? (Jen)
LOL. she's my sis's bf. tat's how i know him. big plan for the big man

2) What would you do if you haven’t met no. 1? (hooichin)
i wouldnt know someone so skinny in my life. our acca class will be super bored for me. she's my talking partner in class! hahahaha

3) What would you do if 20 and 9 dated? (hock hsiang and winnie)
they actually know each other! which i find out recently. haha. but i dun think they would be together kua.. hahahaha.. if they were... *no comments* haha

4) Would 6 and 17 make a good couple? (ranjini and huey)
they are both girls and from what i know, they are are not lesbo-s!

5) Describe no.3. (yiting)
smart, strict, loyal, friendly, trustworthy, kind, mature. a great friend to have. one of the best! =)

6) Do you think no 8 is attractive? (karen peter)
yeah.. she's really a girl with a great personality! someone who's attractive in her own way.. psst.. she's single.. haha

7) Tell me about no. 7. (jasvin)
noisy, lazy, sleepy, friendly, crazy, trustworthy, loyal... more to insane though. haha.. she's one person who couldnt sit still for even 5 minutes. always up to mischievous plans.

8) Do you know anything bout no.12’s family? (anna)
read her recent blog. she had a bro! hahaha

9) What is no 8’s favourite? (karen peter)
erm.. erm... me counted? hahaha... she likes music i guess. likes the companion of friends. likes having plans/outings.

10) What would you do if 11 confesses that he/she likes you? (alan@kahhooi)
hahaha.. IMPOSSIBLE..

11) What language does 15 speak? (shu-yin)
hokkien, english, cantonese, mandarin, malay

12) Who is 9 going out with? (winnie)
she's single now. haha. but who knows.. maybe? =P

13) How old is 16 now? (shu-wen)
twenty four

14) When was the last time you talked to 13? (rebx)
days ago. in msn

15) No. 2’s fav singer? (leanlean)
dun really know.. but i know she likes the maria song.. HAHAHAHAHA... the screaming song she purposely wanna sing to irritate hc! haha

16) Would you date no.18? (chusien)
i dun mind! hahaha.. but oneday will KILL me

17) Would you date 4? (tsuyin)
i dun mind too.. but again, brian will kill me! hahaha

18) Is 15 single? (shu-yin)
she's married. too bad. haha

19) What’s 10’s last name? (junlynn)

20) Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11? (alan@kahhooi)

21) What school does 3 go to? (yiting)
little angels kindy, sk and smk cpt, disted-stamford college

22) Where does 6 live? (ranjini)
what tat area call again r? the place where they have the famous "pan mee"

23) What’s your fav thing bout 5? (karen c)
she's always there to "zhat" me. never ending. ahhaha.. her unconditional passion to tvb. lol

Now I tag....
1. jocelin
2. leanlean
3. winnie
4. anna
5. rebx
6. huey
7. shu-yin
8. shu-wen

Monday, July 14, 2008

sweet 19 to miss happy

sorry for lack of blogging. nothing "special" happened lately. i've been sick (and still sick) for the last few days and i wouldnt wanna bore you with me complaining about my sickness.. bla bla bla.. anyway, here i am!

first of all, a wish to miss happy:


see the pink? specially for you wan.. cause u like pink and only pink.. =.=''

we usually celebrate our classmates birthday with an "expected" surprise birthday party where everyone would share a cake and go somewhere nice or had a marvelous day with lotsa pictures taken. but *sigh* due to lack of the "noisy" ex-cat classmates around, we cut down our birthday celebration. hope you dont mind hc!!

anyway, this time, it was just small and private. me and lean got her a small prezzie. something NOT pink. hahaha.. forget to take a picture of it... zzz maybe she will put it in her blog late or something? i dunno.. ask her la k? since it's with her now already.. lol

we didnt buy the whole cake this time. since there will only be a few of us. actually i wanted to get 19 small candles and put there.. LOL but decided not to destroy the mini slice of cake.. 1 enough la as a meaning. hehe

after class, i fetch the birthday girl to have a try at the happy feet fish spa. do you know that they give you a free 30 minutes session on your birthday? now you know ;)

look at her at the first few minutes!

so ticklish.. and even hit me!

later someone "gaya" d lo.. sit down so relax.. can take picture some more.. LOL

anyway, have a blessed birthday hooichin! *pink hugz*

and happy birthday to topi bryan and pretty eileen too!! *psst.. old liau la the 3 of u.. hahaha

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