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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Winning the Mamma Mia! Musical Tickets

I have, and always been a big fan of musicals. When I found out that the cast of Mamma Mia! musical from west end London is coming over to Malaysia in Dec, me and my mum decided to watch it even though it is held in KL.  We do not want to miss it and regret later! Not like we are going to London anytime soon.. lol

We booked our tickets a few months in advance, in September for RM331.50 after the early-bird discount (before discount is RM390 - third expensive ticket for the show). Then I just saved the tickets confirmation and decided to only look into it in December. 

Then December arrived. One day, as I was driving to work, listening to Red.fm as usual, suddenly I heard that they are giving out tickets for Mamma Mia!. They will play a snippet of ABBA's song for the contestant to guess. If you win, you will win two tickets to the show.  And it's the tickets for RM590 seats - most expensive ticket for the show. "Most expensive should be the ones with the best seat right?". I thought.

I also thought, "Why cant I be the winner of the radio competition?". Then it suddenly hit me. It's because I NEVER CALLED. Never call how to win? So I decided to give myself a chance and just call lah! 

I saved Red.fm's number in my phone so that I can call when I hear the cue the next day. Kin cheong also actually. I went to google the list of songs in the musical. Everyday, I have to make sure that I leave house on time just because I'm afraid that I will miss the cue to call. LOL

First day of calling in is the most exciting. I was self convinced that I will get through and win me some Mamma Mia! tickets. But with high hopes comes high disappointment. The line was busy even though I kept clicking redial for 10 times. LOL 

I kept calling for the next few days. Everyday was a disappointment as the line was always busy or sometimes it rings, but no one picks up. I could only listen with envy when I hear other contestants won their tickets on the radio. :(  

On Tuesday, fifth day of calling, I almost got a heart attack when finally someone picked up my phone. It was the announcer JJ! However, JJ told me that they already have a winner for Mamma Mia!. but he offered me to join the next competition. As I only want the Mamma Mia! tickets, so i rejected and said thanks anyway. 

Super duper disappointed on that day. I was also thinking, should I just go ahead with the next competition just now? I mean, better than nothing right? But I really only wanted the Mamma Mia! tickets. I would've done badly anyway in the next competition. LOL.... I decided to still continue to call the next day to try for Mamma Mia!

LUCKILY I did not give up because the next day, my call got through again!!! When JJ picked up, I thought JJ is gonna tell me that someone has won the Mamma Mia! tickets and asks if I would like the join the next competition, but he did not! I MANAGED TO CALL THROUGH AND IT IS FOR THE MAMMA MIA! COMPETITION! My heart was beating super fast and my hands went super cold... I keep telling myself to calm down and speak calmly as I do not want to sound like a crazy girl on the radio. LOL

They played the ABBA song for me to guess -

♪♫ There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright, Fernando ♫ ♪

I guessed "Fernando" and I WON TWO TICKETS WORTH RM590 each TO MAMMA MIA!!!!

When I listened to the playback on the radio, I sounded very calm and thanked JJ & Red.fm, but I remember I was feeling superly happy inside and was fighting myself not to scream out loud early in the morning in my workplace. Probably my heart and brain was doing cartwheels inside my body! LOL

So, this is the story of winning a prize from a radio station. What an experience!!
Afternoon tickets that we won, Night tickets that we bought
Outside the Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre
Us before the show starts!

Of course, we had a blast at the show! Hope there will be more musicals coming to Malaysia!

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