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Macau Tower - Skyjump

4 November 2010
It was really really cold that day as it was raining the whole day. The sun was not around the whole day!

I bought my tickets at the bottom of the Macau Tower. HK$1318 for the Tower Tickets & Skyjump.

There's actually 3 activities that can be done in Macau Tower.
1. Skywalk X - where you can walk on the outer ring at the top of Macau Tower.
2. Skyjump - world highest jump. The one that I'll be doing.
3. Bungee Jump - world highest commercial Bungee Jump.

Some might ask, what is a skyjump?
Skyjump is referred to as a 'Decelerator-Descent' jump, using a steel cable and decelerator system, rather than an elastic rope used in Bungee Jump.

Then some might ask, why I chose to the Skyjump instead of the Bungee Jump?
1. I've done Bungee Jump in Phuket last year so I thought I should try something different.
2. Skyjump is cheaper. HAHA Cheaper by around HK$600.

Okay, back to the experience.

All the way up to the 61st floor, I was shivering! It must be the weather, plus fear! The Phuket Bungee Jump was 50 meters. This skyjump is 233 meters! Nearly 4 times the height of the previous! Just the thought of it turns my leg into jelly.

I decided to do the Skyjump anyway as I do not want to come back regretting. Furthermore, I doubt I'll be going back to HK anytime soon.

The moment I reached the 61st floor, my shivering got worse. The wind was blowing strongly and I checked the notice, it was 16 degrees celsius! What a cold day to jump right? Brrrrrr.....

I quickly registered myself as the heavy rain had turned to into drizzle.

After registering, the instructor straight away prep me for the jump. Dont have enough time to breath and look around also.

I received my T-Shirt and I quickly wore on top of my jacket AND t-shirt but I was still shivering! To the extend where I keep on jumping on the spot to keep myself warm or I think I might freeze!

In the end, I took their offer to rent a jacket. I only need to pay a deposit of HK$100 and when I return the jacket, they'll refund me the full deposit.

Again, the moment I wore the rented jacket, they ushered me to prep me up! Guess they are too efficient.. or maybe just giving me no time to think about chickening out! LOL

That's them tightening the harness around my body.

Then, they lead me to the cliff. I was asked to sit down after being secured with a wire tied to my harness while another instructor prepared everything. Guess he was scared I will be blew off by the wind! In the meantime, I was being interviewed, LIVE! (check out the video at the end of this post) They took photos of me too throughout the whole time.

I was then being explained on how to do the skyjump. After a simple explanation of 'walk into the air and you'll fall automatically', I was asked to be prepared!

I turned towards the photographer and videographer as coincidently, there's a family who did they Skywalk X was near them and was cheering for me with their two thumbs up. WHOOOOOOO!

I stepped to the edge and looked down. Well, wasnt as HIGH as I imagined. *lol showing off*

And then... the moment....


Again, was expecting an adrenaline rush and wind blowing my whole body. But it was nothing like that. Not much of adrenaline rush as it was a slow decline down. Maybe because I'm not really afraid of heights. (i'm not showing off but just telling how did i really felt at that moment)

It was another type of experience that is very different from Bungee Jump. Skyjump allows a slower drop from the top and thus enables me to enjoy to view of the surrounding. The cable turns 360 degrees halfway when I was declining so I get a panorama view of Macau but too bad Macau was quite misty at that time due to the cold weather. I still enjoyed myself though for the 17 seconds!!

And yes, 17 seconds later, HK$1318 was burned. LOL

This is the video of my skyjump.

After reaching the bottom of Macau Tower, of course I need to take the lift back up to the 61st floor. Peter and Yin greeted me and together we watched the video and photos taken.

I bought the package which consist of the video + photos + two 6R sized photos for HK$300.

That's me with my purchase of experience on the left and me testing out the video and photos in the computer to make sure the disc is not spoiled!

So there... I skyjump-ed 233 meters off Macau Tower that day...

at 15 degrees Celsius!! Brrrr.... "Do you have what it takes?"

Just like their tagline in advertisement, "Why live on the edge when you can JUMP OFF?" ;)

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